Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.08 Rose

An SUV is meeting another car in the middle of nowhere. The man from the SUV, remaining in his vehicle, asks the man from the car where “she” is. Car man opens his trunk and removes an unconscious Elena. He puts her in the back of the SUV while SUV man watches in rear-view mirror. He thanks car man for his help and asks him to come closer. He bites car man, drinking from his neck before throwing him to the ground. FYI- it’s really hard to write about characters that haven’t been given names yet.

SUV man looks pretty hot.

SUV man looks pretty hot.

Jeremy searches for Elena in the Gilbert house but she is nowhere to be found.

Damon and Caroline are in her bedroom, recapping the events of the Masquerade Ball while she gets ready for school. She tells him about Sarah attacking Tyler and Ty accidentally killing her. Matt thinks that he blacked out the entire event when really he was compelled by Katherine. That’s why Caroline covered for Tyler, giving Carol the accident story. Damon doesn’t understand why she would lie for Tyler, seeing as he is a giant tool. She was worried that Tyler telling his mother about him being a werewolf would bring heat on the vampires. Damon tells her that he will turn at the full moon and have increased strength. He wonders aloud how much Mason told him about making the change. He asks Caroline if Ty knows about the vamps but she is distracted, texting someone. He asks again and she says she doesn’t think he knows very much. She plans on just asking him directly but Damon doesn’t think that’s a good idea. He reminds her that a werewolf bite is lethal to a vampire and demands that she not be friends with him. It’s all so middle school.

Even with the crazy eyes, I wouldn't refuse his help getting ready for school.

Even with the crazy eyes, I wouldn’t refuse his help getting ready for school.

Tyler is in the hallway at Mystic Falls High School (MFHS), looking at the missing person notices for Aimee Bradley. As he walks to his locker, he passes by Sarah’s, where there are pictures and candles. He is obviously, and justifiably, shaken. He tries to open his locker but ends up breaking the dial. Poor Ty.

Jeremy joins Stefan as his locker, happy that he and Elena are back together but exasperated that they didn’t clue him in on the fact they were having a sleepover. Except that they totally weren’t. Stefan tells him that the last place he saw Elena was at the party. Jer clues him in on Elena’s empty bed and the fact that her car is still in the driveway at the Lockwood house. How very adult of Jeremy to call Carol and inquire.

The SUV and potentially hot driver have arrived at a house. Driver carries Elena inside and sets her on the couch, undoing ropes that have been tied around her feet and hands. Elena, who has awoken during the process, wants to know what SUV man wants. Turns out he just wants to taste her but as he is vamping out, a woman arrives and stops him, calling him Trevor. Yay for names! He is pissed that she killed his buzz and leaves. Elena asks what unnamed woman wants but she just wants to marvel in how much Elena looks like “her”. Ahhh, a friend of Katherine. Elena tells Mystery Woman that her name is Elena Gilbert, even though MW already knows. She tells Elena to be quiet multiple times before slapping her so hard that she loses consciousness.

The Salvatore Brothers are outside of MFHS, discussing Elena’s disappearance. Damon reassures Stefan that he locked Katherine in the tomb. He also tells him that she said Elena was in danger before he sealed her in. Stefan is peeved that Damon didn’t allow her to elaborate, but who are we kidding? No one can believe a single word that comes out of her mouth. Stefan wants to go talk to Katherine but Damon is the voice of reason (for once), telling him that she will try to negotiate her release in exchange for information, and then get out and kill everybody. Stefan doesn’t seem to care, willing to risk it all for Elena.

The facial expressions are particularly hilarious this episode.

The facial expressions are particularly hilarious this episode.

Caroline is in the school hallway, checking out the memorial at Sarah’s locker. Tyler joins her, not doing so awesome. Caroline asks how Carol is, having heard from Liz that she wasn’t taking Sarah’s death well. Ty bypasses the pleasantries, asking how Caroline knew about him. She makes a pretty lame attempt to brush it off, saying she was doing a good thing by covering for him accident. Then she takes off, leaving him very confused.

Elena is still in the creepy house, waking up from Mystery Woman’s smack down. MW and Trevor are upstairs, talking about a Mystery Man that they are trying to contact via his associates. Turns out Mystery Man is named Elijah. Elena creeps upstairs to eavesdrop on them, overhearing Trevor tell MW that it’s not too late for them to leave. MW is sick of running; she wants to strike a deal with Elijah. Elena accidentally makes one of the floorboards squeak, provoking the wrath of MW. She clues Elena in to the fact that they are in the middle of nowhere. She also lets drop that Elijah is Elena’s worst nightmare. Can we please meet him?

Stefan has approached Bonnie at MFHS, trying to persuade her to unlock the tomb. She says that while she can’t undo whatever has sealed Katherine in, he can open the door to talk. However, she agrees with Damon (for once) that it would be foolish and a waste of time to do so. She hints that there might be another way to find Elena.

Jeremy and Bonnie are in Alaric’s classroom, setting up a spell involving a map and a candle. Great, the lame twins are becoming a thing now. She plans on using his blood for a tracking spell. Gross. Stefan arrives, promising weapons galore. Bonnie cuts Jeremy’s hand, blood spilling on the map. She concentrates, causing the blood droplets to merge and move around on the map. They settle on a location 300 miles away. Stefan wants a move exact location so Jeremy offers to map it and get an aerial view with the hopes of narrowing down the search area. Stefan and Jeremy argue about whether Jer can join the rescue mission while Bonnie gets a nose bleed. Damon arrives to tell them that he will be traveling with Stefan. After all, it is Elena. Gag me.

Tyler is outside the school playing basketball with some guys when he sees Caroline. He leaves the game to confront her about lying to him. She tries to leave but he grabs her arm. Not a smart move. She twists his arm and knocks him to the ground. He is confused as to how she can be stronger than him and wants to know what’s going on. She plays like he is in shock over Sarah’s death. He gets pissed and kicks a garbage can, sending it flying into a car. Everyone stares as he huffs off.

Nice bicep flex bro.

Nice bicep flex bro.

Stefan and Damon are riding to Elena’s rescue in Damon’s car. Stefan has a vervain bomb of sorts that I’m hoping has awesome results. So far this has been pretty boring and I could use something to liven it up. Stefan wonders aloud who took Elena. Damon thinks it’s someone from Katherine’s past, someone she has been hiding from. Stefan thanks him for helping with the rescue mission. Damon is awesome, commenting on the road trip bonding cliché. Stefan wants to talk about the elephant in the car, asking Damon if he is there to help rescue the girl his little brother loves or to rescue the girl that Damon loves. Damon refuses to answer, threatening to leave the rescue mission.

Bonnie and Jeremy are in his bedroom, basically sucking at life. He was able to pull up the map location on his cell phone, finding an abandoned house. Bonnie pulls out her grimoire and tells Jer to grab a candle and Elena’s hairbrush. Spell time? She writes a note on a piece of paper that she then crumples and holds in her fist. She puts her hand above the candle and opens it. She casts a spell that makes the paper burn and her nose bleed. The paper disappears before she blacks out, falling unconscious onto the bed.

Just sitting there. Sucking.

Just sitting there. Sucking.

Mystery Woman is alone in a room until Elena joins her, asking (for the umpteenth time) why she’s there. MW tells her she isn’t answering her questions. Elena deduces that she is to be delivered to Elijah, who, it turns out, is one of the original vampires. MW knows of Stefan and Damon, questioning why they haven’t taught Elena anything about vampire history. Also, one of MW’s friends tried to set her up with Stefan about a hundred years ago. Interesting. Lexi, perhaps? MW says her and Trevor have been on the run for 500 years and are hoping that by turning Elena over they can finally stop. MW is impressed that Elena has heard of the sun and moon curse, telling her that as the Petrova doppelganger, Elena is the key to breaking it. It seems her blood is necessary to break the curse. Elena has to die. AWESOME.

Caroline enters her house looking for her mom when Tyler appears behind her. Creepy. He confronts Care, thinking that she is a werewolf. She laughs and he gets angry, thinking that she is lying. He hits the wall in an intimidating manner (at least I think that’s what he thinks is happening), making her upset enough to push him against the wall before vamping out and throwing him to the floor.

MW and Elena are joined by Trevor, who seems more open to answering Elena’s questions. She asks him who they are running from and he tells her that he pissed off the originals, the first family of vampires. It seems he trusted Katherine (aka Katerina Petrova) and helped her to escape from the originals. Rose is guilty through association and the two of them have been on the run ever since.

Bonnie awakens in Jeremy’s bed, telling him that the magic has been wearing her down lately. She asks him to keep the passing out a secret, not wanting anyone who can hurt her (read: Damon) to know she has a weakness. They both talk about how alone they feel in the world and blah blah blah. The sentiment is going to make me barf.

Meanwhile, Elena is sitting on a couch in the abandoned house when she finds the paper that Bonnie sent to her. It has the following message: “Stefan and Damon are coming for you- B”. Useless information.

Stefan and Damon are still on the road, close to the abandoned house. Damon is awesome, drinking for a blood bag through a straw. Stefan asks for some blood, wanting to be strong during his rescue attempt. Damon asks if Elena knows that Stefan is back on the human stuff and Stefan tells him that he has been drinking from Elena. That’s awkward. Damon reminds him of the good old days when Stefan used to live for drinking blood and ripped people apart. He wonders aloud if Elena would be so willing to let that guy drink from her.

I really get a kick out of him drinking through a straw.

I really get a kick out of him drinking through a straw.

Trevor enters the room MW and Elena are in, announcing that “he” is here. Must be Elijah right? Trevor freaks out, thinking it was a mistake to call the man that wants to kill him. MW is called Rose! Finally, a freaking name to go with this broad. She calms Trevor down, reminding him that they are family. There is a knock at the door that Rose goes to answer. Elijah is crazy handsome. He refers to Rose as Rose-Marie and asks why she called him. She tells him that she wants her freedom and asks if he can give it to her. He says he has authority to pardon her and Trevor so she tells him that Katherine survived the burning of the church in 1864. He seems unimpressed, having already guessed that this had something to do with Katherine, what with them being so close to Mystic Falls. Rose tells him that she has Katherine’s doppelganger, which he totally doesn’t believe. He follows her into the main room, super speeding over to Elena and smelling her neck. He seems rather intrigued and slightly creepy.

This is super creepy. Gentlemen, take heed.

This is super creepy. Gentlemen, take heed.

Damon gives Stefan a weird opposite of a pep talk in the car. He reminds Stefan that whoever has Elena is probably the same person(s) who has been chasing Katherine for over 500 years. If they go into the house, they may not come back. Stefan, noble as ever, can’t think of a better reason to die. I can think of LOTS of reasons. The brothers head toward the house.

Elijah wants to get the show on the road, what with the long trip they have ahead of them. Elena begs Rose not to let him take her. Trevor apologizes to Elijah for betraying his trust where Katerina is concerned. Elijah accepts his apology. BY SMACKING HIS HEAD OFF OF HIS BODY. Rose loses her shit, crying everywhere. Elijah tells Rose she is free and asks Elena to come with him. Elena stalls, asking about the moonstone. She tells him that she can help him get it, trying to negotiate. He attempts to compel Elena but her vervain necklace prevents it. He snatches the necklace off and throws it across the room before compelling her to tell him the location of the moonstone. She tells him that it is in the tomb with Katherine.

They hear glass break somewhere else in the house but don’t know the cause. They move through the house, Stefan and Damon super speeding around them, shouting from different directions to confuse Elijah. He throws Elena to Rose before zooming upstairs and receiving a stake through the hand. He removes it as Stefan hides with Elena and Damon captures Rose. Elijah breaks a wooden coat rack to make a stake and threatens his anonymous attackers. Elena appears at the top of the stairs, begging him to take her and leave her friends alone.

He super speeds to the top of the stairs asking her what kind of game she’s playing. For this he receives a vervain bomb IN THE FACE. His skin burns but seems to heal immediately. He lunges toward Elena but Stefan shoots him with the compressed air weapon. Elijah is unhurt so Stefan rushes him, tumbling down the stairs. Elijah is back on his feet instantly while Stefan remains on the floor. Elijah starts toward him but Damon appears, staking him into a door. Rose sees Elijah’s dead body pinned to the door and takes off. Damon attempts to follow her but Elena asks him to let her go. Stefan and Elena hug it out while Damon looks on, receiving a mouthed “thank you” from Elena. This makes me have a sad.

Bonnie awakens in Jeremy’s bed once again, this time as Elena arrives home. Elena tells her that she got their message and they have hugs all around.

Damon is having a glass of scotch at the Salvatore Boarding House when Stefan joins him. Stefan tells him that Elena is home, having wanted to be with Jeremy. Both boys acknowledge that they will have to work together to protect Elena from being killed to break the sun and moon curse. Most importantly, Stefan apologizes for making Damon turn into a vampire back in 1864. He admits that he was selfish and lonely, needing his brother.

Caroline and Tyler are still at her house, getting their drink on. They are both in awe of the other, discussing the differences in their physiology. Ty asks who else is a vampire but Caroline says it is just her. Tyler tells her that him and Mason are the only werewolves that he knows of. Caroline swears Tyler to secrecy, about both the vampire and wolf thing. He swears and tells her that he is scared about changing with the upcoming full moon. So they hug it out.

Stefan is in the library of the Salvatore Boarding House when he hears a noise; there is another vampire in the house. It’s Rose! She tells him that she knew Lexi, who once told her that Stefan was a good guy. Now that Trevor is gone, Rose has nowhere to go. She offers to help when the originals come for Elena. When he asks who they are doing this for, she utters one name- Klaus.

Elena enters her bedroom to find Damon waiting for her. He compliments her pajamas and tells her that he brought her necklace. She thanks him and tries to take it but he doesn’t give it back. He tells her that he needs to say something. Something selfish. He tells her that he loves her which is why he can’t be selfish with her and why she can’t know he loves her. He says he doesn’t deserve her, but Stefan does. He kisses her forehead and compels her to forget, shedding tears. Elena closes her eyes and when she opens them Damon is gone and she has her necklace.

Damn you and your beautiful crying eyes, making me feel all the feels.

Back at the creepy abandoned house Elijah is still impaled to the door. Except he suddenly wakes up and removes the stake from his chest!




DAMON: “Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The cliché of it all makes me itch.”

DAMON: “No, I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena and it’s because I love you that… I can’t be selfish with you. Why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you but my brother does.”


Trent Ford as Trevor

Trent Ford as Trevor

Lauren Cohan as Rose

Lauren Cohan as Rose

Daniel Gilles as Elijah

Daniel Gilles as Elijah


Last.fm_play.png “We Rule The World” by Dragonette. Damon and Caroline discuss Sarah’s death and Tyler becoming a werewolf.

Last.fm_play.png “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio. Tyler plays basketball; Tyler accuses Caroline of lying to him.

Last.fm_play.png “Blood” by Editors. Stefan and Damon road trip and discuss who took Elena.

Last.fm_play.png “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle. Bonnie and Jeremy discuss feeling alone in the world; Elena finds Bonnie’s note.

Last.fm_play.png “Love Song” by Cruel Black Dove. Damon and Stefan share blood bags while riding to Elena’s rescue.

Last.fm_play.png “Ocean Wide” by The Afters. Elena arrives home and tells Bonnie she got her message; Damon and Stefan agree to work together to protect Elena from dying to break the sun and moon curse.

Last.fm_play.png “I Was Wrong” by Sleeperstar. Damon tells Elena that he loves her and compels her to forget.


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