Live Blog: Friends, 1.03 The One With the Thumb

Continuing to make my way through Friends, one episode at a time. Please enjoy as I share my thoughts on the third episode.

1.03 The One With the Thumb

– I remember my mom owning a lot of dressed like the one Phoebe is wearing.

– Do all of the episodes start with the gang sitting around the coffee shop talking sex/dating/relationships?

– Ross seriously believes that his parents would send their dog to live on a farm? Is he really that naive? Also, where did the idea of telling children that an animal went to a farm instead of saying that he/she died originate?

– First look at Chandler and Joey’s apartment. I like the movie posters. And can I please see the movie/TV show/play that Joey is preparing to audition for?


– Joey’s face when he exhales the smoke from the cigarette is hilarious.

– I’ve never heard about having penis size correlate to the distance between the thumb and the tip of the finger.

– What are all those frou-frou drinks? No one drinks black coffee anymore?

– People who are in the process of quitting smoking tend to be assholes. I don’t blame the friends for being concerned about Chandler taking it back up.

– Maybe Monica should introduce her date to her friends one at a time. It’s overwhelming to meet five new people all at once.

– I want a football phone! And a $1,000. But mostly a football phone.

– Monica does not look okay. Her dress is super ugly. Paisley just isn’t my thing. Isn’t it a pain in the ass to wear a dress that you have to button up the entire front of?


– I want to see the pimento trick. Show the pimento trick!

– Please let Phoebe tell all of the nursery rhymes. “The Man in the Shoe” started off fantastic.

– How can you be a little too “Alan”? Sounds like Monica is searching for any reason to dump him.

– The actress who plays the homeless woman is on The Office. She was Dwight’s old babysitter/date in the dinner party episode. She cracks me up.


– Why doesn’t Chandler go outside and smoke the whole cigarette rather than smoking it puff by puff in secret in his cubicle? Also, someone would have totally caught on to what he was doing.

– I would have taken the pretzel. Silly Phoebe.

– How do you even know that there is a thumb in your drink? Does anyone look inside of a can before they drink from it? Maybe I should start. And is it wrong that I wish we got to see the thumb? Morbid curiosity.

– Remember when you could smoke in public buildings? It was disgusting.

– Hey! I snort when I laugh. It’s adorable. You suck Chandler.

– Chandler is such a shit stirrer. Best part of the episode was when he got them all to start pointing out each others’ flaws.

– Chandler’s outfit is RIDICULOUS! That could never have been a popular look. NEVER.


– Why is Monica wearing an outfit with harem pants and a cropped shirt? Didn’t she just come from work? Not appropriate.


– $7,000 for finding a thumb in your drink? I’m pretty sure she could have gotten millions, if not billions. That is seriously traumatizing shit.

– Renaissance Faire? In no way do I believe that these people would attend a Renaissance Faire.

– I love that Alan didn’t like the friends. That is PERFECT.


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