Group Storytelling

In college my friends and I used to play a game where we would all sit at a table with notebook paper and pencils. You would start by writing a sentence at the top of the paper. This was suppose to the the first line of a story. Once everyone had written, they would pass their paper to the left. The next person would continue the story by adding a sentence of their own. Then they would fold down the top of the paper so that only their sentence was visible. Then the paper would get passed to the left.

This would continue until you received your original story. We would then unfold the papers and see the masterpieces that we had written together. It was always silly and wildly inappropriate (as college students tend to be), but oh so entertaining. I wish I could go back in time and collect all of the stories that were written.

While I have been unable to find a sample story from college, I did find a much more innocent version from my middle school English class. Same concept, less dirty words. As you read, please keep in mind that this story was written by my friends. I’d hate to see what my enemies would have said. Enjoy!


Typed for those who can’t read the pencil and/or handwriting of middle school boys:

My life changed the day I ate a purple upside down cake! I took a bite and it tasted so good. But suddenly I started feeling sick. I realised [sic] it had been a concotion [sic] which Jordan and Nick had created. Anyone who ate it threw up. It was horrible! I decided the next day to make my own “good” cake for Jordan and Nick. It was a little bit poisenous [sic] but hey, why not? They eat anything so then they died because Maggie is heartless and evil. Yeah everyone knows that. The end.


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