Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.07 Masquerade

Caroline and Damon are sharing a glass of blood at the Salvatore Boarding House when Stefan arrives. A visibly shaken Care tells him how she saw Katherine at the Mystic Grill while kinds sorta stalking Matt. FLASHBACK! Matt busts Caroline spying on him and asks if she needs a table. She makes up a lame excuse about needing to use the bathroom where she runs into evil incarnate, who attempts to pose at Elena. Caroline recognizes her as Katherine and attempts to speed away but gets caught. Katherine tells her to pass on to the Salvatore boys that unless they give her the moonstone, she will begin ripping the town apart. She wants to exchange down at the Masquerade Ball tonight.

Pretty much the best face to make when busted stalking an ex at his place of business.

Pretty much the best face to make when busted stalking an ex at his place of business.

Present- Damon is convinced that Katherine is scared and desperate which is why she wants to do the trade in a public place. He wants to go to the ball and kill her. Stefan tells Damon that he’s not going to kill her. Damon thinks Stefan is being all noble until Stefan informs him that he will be killing her himself. Yay for badass Stefan!

Matt, Jeremy, and Elena are helping Jenna into the Gilbert house following her stay at the hospital on account of the whole Katherine compelling her to stab herself thing. Jenna seems to think that she walked into a knife. No one could come up with a better story than that? Jeremy follows Elena into the kitchen, asking what they’re going to do about Katherine.  Elena has zero backbone so she tells him that they are doing nothing; Katherine is the winner of all things. Jeremy is pissed, calling Elena naïve before taking off. Way to go Little Gilbert.

Katherine and Ms. Flowers (yay!) carry shopping bags into her room at the B&B. It seems the bags contain at least one dress. I want bags of dresses. Katherine sees another woman in her room and super speed over, pushing her into the wall. The girl tells “Kat” to chill and reminds her not to attack a witch. So, all witches are black? That’s the lesson I’m learning. Katherine hugs unnamed witch and asks her to be her date to the Masquerade Ball.

This is not how I pictured Ms. Flowers looking. Still, yay?

This is not how I pictured Ms. Flowers looking. Still, yay?

The entire gang, minus Elena, seems to have collected at the Salvatore Boarding House. Bonnie brought the grimoire and Ric brought the weapons. Excellent. One of my favorite exchanges ever happens:

Bonnie: What’s going on?
Jeremy: We’re gonna kill Katherine.
Stefan: I can explain.
Bonnie: Please.
Stefan: We’re gonna kill Katherine.

Ric is crazy awesome, showing the room how to kill a vampire using a weapon that works with compressed air. It’s fantastic.

Katherine heads into Elena mode by straightening her hair. She refers to Elena as her “dull as dishwater doppelgänger” which is a little awesome. I still hate her though. She tells Lucy (unnamed witch has a name!) that she invited her to town as backup in case the Salvatore Brothers want to rumble. Except she phrases it way lamer than that.

Back at the group powwow, Bonnie is being a total buzz kill. She thinks it’s too risky to go after Katherine. Stefan reminds her that Katherine is the reason Jenna stabbed herself and she could do it again. Bonnie eventually offers to do a spell to trap her.

Elena invites Matt to hang at the Gilbert house for the night but he tells her that he is going to the Masquerade Ball. She says she isn’t going, what with the Stefan awkwardness. Matt is very vague about having something to do there. Before he leaves, he tells her that he will always be there for her and gives her a hug. I want a Matt Donovan hug. I am convinced they are the best kind of hugs.

The gang has collected in the living room, plotting the demise of Katherine. Stefan tells Ric that he wants him to stay with Elena tonight, keeping her home and out of the loop. He offers the group one final out but they are all in, even super lame Bonnie.

The Masquerade Ball has arrived and I am beyond jealous. Ever since seeing Labyrinth at a young age, I have wanted to don my foofiest dress and mask. Carol and Tyler have a moment in his father’s office. He apologizes for being a dick and asks if she has heard from Mason. We all know she hasn’t. They reminisce about how Mayor Douchebag was a jerk who always got what he wanted, including a Masquerade Ball to help the homeless. How touching.

Carol looks good for an old lady.

Carol looks good for an old lady.

Katherine and Lucy arrive, quickly blending into the crowd. Matt sees Katherine and she pretends to be Elena. A very sexually aggressive Elena. They give a quick recap of his task for the night: get Tyler really drunk, start a fight with him and pound his face in until he kills Matt. I HATE THIS TASK.

Stefan and Damon are outside on the lookout for Katherine. Damon reassures Stefan that he won’t hesitate to kill her. Me thinks the handsome fellow doth protest too much.

Matt and Tyler are partying with Aimee and Sarah in the Mayor’s office, getting their drink on. Ugh. Can’t Ty pick actual fun girls to be around? You know, the ones that don’t ditch him the ruins because they have the hots for his best friend or pretend to be dead? Just a thought. They do a final round of shots and leave the office for the party.

I want to get in on this. Now.

I want to get in on this. Now.

Bonnie and Jeremy enter an empty room and begin prepping for spell casting. She shows him the grimoire and he asks if she can do all of the spells in it. As if. She makes a big deal about only doing spells for good. He thinks it is super cool that she’s a witch. This kid needs a hobby. She tells him witches tend to have bad ends, cementing her place in history as the biggest wet blanket ever.

Jenna and Elena are vegging out on the couch at the Gilbert house. Elena is surprised to find that Jeremy is attending the Masquerade Ball. Jenna is fantastic, saying she hopes he loses “some of that emo thing”. Elena heads to the kitchen and confronts Ric, knowing that something is going on. after all, her friends are all avoiding her and Jer hates town events. She threatens to go to the party if he doesn’t tell her what’s going on. He admits to keeping an eye on her, but says it’s in case Katherine shows up while Stefan is at the ball. She is still super suspicious but he asks her to let it go.

Bonnie and Jeremy go in search of Stefan and Damon when Bonnie gets a funny feeling. She sees Lucy and approaches her, asking if they know each other. Lucy says she’s a plus one, doesn’t know anyone. Back with Jeremy, Bonnie tells him that she got a weird vibe and they look for Damon.

Stefan is standing alone on the dance floor because he’s not a totally hot and newly single vampire. Sike! He sees Katherine walking down the stairs from across the room but suddenly she is right behind him, asking him to dance. He refuses until she threatens to kill a random someone. Classy broad. They begin to dance and she attempts to make small talk- beautiful night, how is Jenna since I made her stab herself? You know, the usual. Stefan tells her that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt and she asks for the moonstone in return. He says he doesn’t have it on him; they’ll have to get it together.

Stefan refuses to be fun. Typical Stefan.

Stefan refuses to be fun. Typical Stefan.

Aimee arrives, looking for Matt. She confuses Katherine for Elena and compliments her on her dress. Katherine says she likes her necklace and, under the pretense of fixing a twist in it, goes behind Aimee and snaps her spine.  She throws her lifeless body at Stefan and demands that he get her the moonstone. That Katherine is one cold bitch.

Ric and Jenna are kind of the worst guardians ever, believe Elena when she says she is going to bed early. We all know this actually means she is sneaking out to attend the Masquerade Ball.

Stefan and Damon are in an empty room of the Lockwood Mansion, arguing over whether or not to call off the plan. Damon views Aimee as collateral damage and wants to end Katherine’s reign of terror and destruction tonight. He eventually gets Stefan to agree, though he is uneasy.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Jeremy are waiting, discussing magic. Jeremy says the first spell he would learn would either be one to ace tests (so lame) or a “sex spell”. The words sex spell make me laugh at first then throw up a little in my mouth when I remember who said them. He asks Bonnie if she wants to dance while they wait but she turns him down. Smart move. Don’t let Emo get attached to you or you will die. Jeremy receives a message telling him that his turn at bat is up.

Please never use the phrase "sex spell" ever again.

Please never use the phrase “sex spell” ever again.

Katherine is walking through the mansion when she is confronted by Lucy. She wants to know why Katherine didn’t alert her to the fact that there was another witch present. It’s just Bonnie. I forget about her all the time too. Katherine reminds her that she is there as a favor and threatens her with loss of friendship.

Jeremy arrives and asks to speak to Elena, prompting Lucy to take off. He tells “Elena” that Stefan has a message for her- he wants to her to meet him and Damon at the edge of the lake so they can exchange the moonstone. Katherine does some VERY creepy flirting with Jeremy, referring to him as one of the courageous Gilbert men. Emo is a man? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. She leaves and Jer starts to text Damon but Elena shows up, wanting to know what the hell is going on.

Caroline is inside having a major sad because she saw Matt with Sarah and Tyler and he didn’t say hello. Jeremy sends her a text, telling her it’s her turn. Just as she goes to open a door, Katherine grabs her and slams her into the wall, demanding to know what Stefan and Damon are planning. Caroline plays dumb, to which Katherine responds by strangling her. Care finally cracks and tells her that Bonnie is upstairs with the moonstone.

Elena is with Jeremy and Bonnie, being brought up to speed. She’s pissed that Bonnie and Jeremy got themselves involved. After all, how would she feel if something happened to them? Way to bring it back to a selfish place Elena. Jeremy is all, “She messed with all of us, she has to be stopped.” Please stop trying to make Emo seem badass. It doesn’t work.

Caroline drags Caroline upstairs, forcing her to show her which room Bonnie is in. Katherine enters the room and Caroline starts laughing. She can’t believe that she tricked Katherine! Katherine tries to exit the room but can’t. Why it’s almost as if she has been trapped there by magic.

Yay for Caroline being so excited! She's a really good liar!

Yay for Caroline being so excited! She’s a really good liar!

Stefan is also in the room, stake in hand. Damon suddenly appears from out of the closet with Ric’s compressed air weapon. He shoots Katherine, sending a stake in her back. It’s pretty awesome. However, at the same time that she is staked, Elena lets out a scream. She has been injured in the exact same spot as Katherine.  Stefan rushes Katherine and stakes her arm. Once again, Elena has a wound mirroring Katherine’s. Bonnie tells Jeremy that the doppelgangers have been linked and he rushes off to stop Stefan and Damon.

The Salvatore Brothers are both fighting with Katherine who is attempting to stake Damon. Stefan grabs her from behind and begins to strangle her, incapacitating her. Just as Damon is about to kill her, Jeremy arrives to stop all the fun. He tells them that she has been linked to Elena, who is seriously injured. They release Katherine, who tells them she has a witch working for her side. What an idiot. She could have left them completely in the dark as to the existence of Lucy. It’s not like they can torture the information out of her. She’s linked to their precious Elena.

Katherine takes a stake out of Damon’s hands and uses it to cut her hand. Elena’s response? To scream and tell Bonnie “it hurts”. Bonnie is utterly useless, unable to break the spell. Katherine is about to drive the stake into her stomach when Damon stops her. She wants the moonstone in exchange for not stabbing herself some more.

Jeremy arrives to tell Bonnie that Elena has been linked to Katherine via a witch’s spell. Bonnie leaves to find Lucy. And do what exactly? Jeremy, being a courageous Gilbert man, takes off his resurrection ring and gives it to Elena. For some reason he thinks her safety is more important than his. Jeremy is stupid.

Katherine, Damon and Stefan are all trapped in the room upstairs. Katherine is crazy, saying it is just like one times. She refers to the boys as “The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn’t love me enough.” I love Damon with all my heart when he calls her an evil slut vampire. They have more back and forth about how much Damon has changed, but Stefan quickly breaks it up. He tries to get her to discuss the moonstone and why she wants it, but Katherine would rather discuss Damon being in love with Elena.

Is it just me or does Katherine look super skanky?

Is it just me or does Katherine look super skanky?

Sarah, Tyler and Matt are back to partying in the Mayor’s office. Matt pours alcohol on the floor and all over a picture of the Carol and Mayor Douche. Ty starts to get agitated, because who wouldn’t? Matt calls the Mayor a dick and reminds Tyler that his dad used to hit him. Then he slaps him. In the name of fun. Ty is doing a MUCH better job of keeping his temper in check than I would, asking Matt to put down the picture. So Matt throws it on the ground, telling Tyler to do something about it. He rushes Ty and throws him to the floor, then begins punching him in the face. Just as Tyler begins to fight back, Caroline arrives and puts herself between them. She is more than strong enough to stop Matt who freaks out about not being able to finish his task. Caroline, being quite sensible, elbows him in the face, knocking him unconscious. While Care is checking on him, Sarah grabs a knife off the desk and drives it into Tyler’s chest. He pushes her, causing her head to crack on the desk. Tyler rushes to her, trying to get her to wake up, but it’s no use- she’s dead. He sits on the floor, grabbing his head, screaming. Caroline tries to check on him as his eyes glow amber. OH SHIT.

Shit just got super real.

Shit just got super real.

Back in the most boring room at the party, Stefan begins to put two and two together. He asks Katherine if she struck a deal with George Lockwood involving the moonstone. She promised to get him the stone if he helped her to fake her death. He wants to know why she had the stone in the first place. He deduces that she faked her death in the church because she was running from someone. She refuses to answer his questions, instead telling him that she saw him attend a Bon Jovi concert with Lexi in 1987. Completely irrelevant information. Typical Katherine.

Bonnie finally locates Lucy, who is able to intuit that she is a Bennett? Bonnie tells her to stop the spell she put on Elena and Lucy tells her to give Katherine the moonstone. Lucy owes Katherine a favor and can’t stop her spell until the stone is in Katherine’s hands. This is all getting mighty repetitive. Lucy grabs Bonnie’s arm and can sense that she has the stone. She tells Bonnie she can trust her.

Damon is a treat, pouring scotch for Katherine while imitating a servant boy. While she drinks he grabs her and pushes her against a wall. Stefan stops him from staking her. Damon promises to kill her when the spell is lifted, which turns Katherine on. This chick has probs. For serious.

Lucy arrives at the room, moonstone in hand. She tells Katherine that the spell on the room has been lifted so she can leave. She makes Katherine swear that her debt is over before handing her the stone, which caused Katherine to stop breathing. Lucy is pissed that she wasn’t told a Bennett witch was involved. She has broken the spell linking Katherine and Elena and apologizes to the boys for her involvement in the activities of the night. She leaves while Katherine is unconscious on the floor.

Crazy eyes to the extreme.

Crazy eyes to the extreme.

Caroline is in the Mayor’s office, giving Carol a someone revised version of events. She says that she was fighting with Matt when Sarah, dancing around drunk, tripped and smacked her head. Carol leaves to meet with the Sheriff while Caroline tells Tyler that she is fixing things. He doesn’t think she understands what Sarah’s death means until she asks if his wound has healed.

Bonnie chases after Lucy outside. Lucy apologizes for doing the spell and getting pulled into the vampire mess. Bonnie asks how Lucy knows her and why she felt she could trust her. Lucy tells her that they are distantly related through Grams. She tries to leave but Bonnie runs after her, begging her to stay and answer her questions. Lucy tells her that Bonnie needs to be in the middle of things, doing good. She tells her to take care and says she will see her again.

Jeremy joins Bonnie and offers to give her a ride home. I kind of throw up when they have an exchange about how he’s not a kid anymore.

Stefan and Elena share a moment by the lake. She tells him that Bonnie took away her pain and she has begun healing, but he still wants her to see a doctor. That Stefan, always so responsible. She asks if Katherine is really gone and he responds in the affirmative and tries to hug and/or kiss her? I’m not really sure why he’s moving toward her. She says she wants to be with him but can’t until she knows that everyone she loves is safe. She leaves and he stands there depressed , feeling all of the feelings possible.

Katherine wakes up on the floor of the tomb under Fell’s Church. She picks the moonstone up off of the floor next to her and tries to leave but is trapped. Damon arrives to gloat about her being trapped where she should have been all along. She begs Damon to let her out, telling him that Elena needs to be protected. He thinks she is lying but swears to protect Elena before closing her in the tomb. Katherine cries and hits the door with no results.

Elena is in the parking lot of the Lockwood Mansion, talking on the phone with Jeremy. She tells him that he should drive Bonnie home; she’s going to go home and go to bed. Just after she hangs up, a masked man appears behind her and grabs her.

I don't even care. Just take her.

I don’t even care. Just take her.


Aimee, Sarah


KATHERINE: “The three of us together just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the one that didn’t love me enough.”
DAMON: “And the evil slut vampire who only loved herself.”

KATHERINE: “Thanks to you, by the way. Have I mentioned how inconvenient your obsession with me has been?”


Natashia Williams as Lucy

Natashia Williams as Lucy


Last.fm_play.png “Love My Way” by Cruel Black Dove. Carol and Tyler reminisce about the Mayor before the Masquerade Ball; Katherine arrives.

Last.fm_play.png “On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)” by Gorillaz. Tyler and Matt drink with Aimee and Sarah in the Mayor’s office.

Last.fm_play.png “Head Over Heels” by Digital Daggers. Katherine and Stefan dance; Katherine kills Aimee.

Last.fm_play.png “Under The Stars” by Morning Parade. Partygoers dance.

Last.fm_play.png “People Change” by Joel & Luke. Caroline has a sad when she sees Matt with Sarah.

Last.fm_play.png “Fire In Your New Shoes” by Kaskade feat. Dragonette. Bonnie asks Lucy to lift the spell on Elena; Lucy asks Bonnie for the moonstone.

Last.fm_play.png “Brave” by Tawgs Salter. Elena tells Stefan she can’t be with him even though Katherine is gone.


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