Summer 2006 Playlist

I was recently digging through my old CDs and found A TON of mixes. I was the queen of the mixed CD. Here is one of my favorites from the summer of 2006. I had just finished my year at Guilford and had started working at the video store, my first real job.

This mix is a prime example of my appreciation for all genres. You will find pop punk, alternative rock, new wave, hair rock, r&b, and film score. Odd? Yes. Amazing? Even more yes. Check it out!

Here She Comes - The Androids “Here She Comes” / The Androids (2003)

Ms. Hilton - Feel It “Hey, Ms. Hilton” / Penfifteen Club

The Bitch Song - Let's Do It for Johnny “The Bitch Song” / Bowling for Soup (2000)

Hideaway - Are You Nervous? “Hideaway” / Rock Kills Kid (2006)

Wicked Game - Razorblade Romance “Wicked Game” / H.I.M. (1998)

Yoo Hoo - Jawbreaker “Yoo Hoo” / Imperial Teen (1998)

You're So Damn Hot - OK Go “You’re So Damn Hot” / OK Go (2002)

Lonely Day - The Guest “Lonely Day” /  Phantom Planet (2002)

F**k and Spend - The High Speed Scene “Fuck and Spend” / High Speed Scene (2005)

Save Me - The Golden Hum “Save Me” / Remy Zero (2001)

New Age Girl - New Age Girl - EP “New Age Girl” / Deadeye Dick (1994)

The Iroc-Z Song - The High Speed Scene “The Iroc-Z Song” / High Speed Scene (2005)

If I Were You - Every Man for Himself (Red Cover) “If I Were You” / Hoobastank (2006)

Eyes Without a Face - Rebel Yell “Eyes Without a Face” / Billy Idol (1984)

“God Only Knows” / Mandy Moore and Michael Stipe (2004)

Sister Christian - Midnight Madness “Sister Christian” / Night Ranger (1984)

Amie - Pure Prairie League: Greatest Hits “Amie” / Pure Prairie League (1972)

Good Girls Don't - Get the Knack “Good Girls Don’t” / The Knack (1979)

I Wanna Sex You Up - Rhino Hi-Five: Color Me Badd - EP “I Wanna Sex You Up” / Color Me Badd (1991)

“Don’t Give Up on Us” / Owen Wilson (2004)

Candy Girl - Candy Girl “Candy Girl” / New Edition (1983)

Main Theme (From “Superman Theme” / John Williams (1978)


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