Live Blog: Friends, 1.01 Pilot

Bestie’s favorite show (or one of them) is Friends. I have only watched a very small handful of episodes and while chatting on the phone recently she persuaded me to give it a shot. I received the first disc of the entire series from Netflix and decided to write about my thoughts as I watched. So sit back and enjoy!

1.01 The Pilot

– I hate the theme song. It has nothing to do with the show. It’s just one of those songs where the lead singer is kind of whiny and it’s catchy in an obnoxious, stuck in my head all day kind of way.

– Joey and Monica have horrible hairstyles.


– I’m not sure why Monica felt like she had to specify that she would not be having sex.

– How old is Chandler that he says “there” instead of penis?

– For a group of friends, these guys aren’t very sympathetic to the fact that Carol just moved out. Also, Carol totally knew she was a lesbian. If you’re born that way, you definitely know.

– Chandler is quickly becoming my favorite character on the show. I like to make snap judgements people.

-Rachel’s wedding dress is the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. After her veil.


– WTF is a Limoge? And who is turned on by a gravy boat?

– I did chuckle when Rachel said her fiance looks like Mr. Potato Head. I will spend the next several minutes trying to imagine this person in my head.

– Everyone loves a good telenovella!

– I want to meet Rachel’s dad. The hang up after she says she maybe doesn’t need his money is awesome.

– I’m unsure how Phoebe doesn’t know the lyrics to “My Favorite Things” but her version is hilarious.

– I actually believed that Ross was going to make Monica miss her date and wanted to punch him in the nose. Bonus points for trickery.

– Yes, please change Monica. Your pants are freaking ridiculous.


– Why does Joey know that Monica likes her neck rubbed repeatedly? Please tell me that they had some sort of hook up in the past. That would make me really happy.

– I enjoyed the big lizard line. I would love to travel to a location where there are big lizards.

– Yay to Phoebe for saying what everyone wishes they could when asked for help: “I wish I could but I don’t want to.” I feel this way ALL THE TIME.

– Prefab furniture is not that hard to build. Also, Ross looks like he’s trying to poop on the floor.


– I also like to drink beer from the can, but it’s because I’m too lazy to wash the glasses after.

– Was Carol even friends with Ross’s friends? I think I would also take the furniture at this point.

– Paul the Wine Guy is not hot. Is he 90’s hot and I am too young to notice this?


– They’re business socks Rachel. And means that he is open for business time. Cue Flight of the Conchords.

– I am also 26 and divorced. It’s not the end of the world. Though I can also build furniture a hell of a lot better than Ross so I guess I’m winning.

– I like the way Joey thinks, re: one woman. There are tons of flavors. Plus, I love the way he says “bing cherry vanilla”.

– Jumping from the first date to planning the fifth is super intense. Even I’m not that crazy.

– A guy telling me that he cannot perform sexually does not make me want to bone him. That makes me want to run from him. I guess I’m just super shallow.

– Rachel’s voice seems VERY high pitched. Does Jennifer Aniston always sound like that? Cause I don’t remember her sounding like she sucked helium.

– Cheesiest scene transition from Ross to Rachel when he inquires who he would ask on a date. Maybe the DVD music is different than the music that aired on TV. I really hope so, because this song was crazy lame.


– Paul just thanked Monica for banging him. Desperate much?

– Monica’s outfit is atrocious. Again.

– Why doesn’t Rachel know that most people her age have jobs? Even if you come from a wealthy family, I feel like you still grasp that people need jobs need to pay for things. Her father has a job, right?

– I just noticed that Joey was wearing a sleeveless shirt. This is AMAZING.


– Monica’s chef’s hat is hilarious.


– Monica got played by Paul the Wine Guy. I agree with Joey- of course it was a line. Bonus points to Ross’s “To get you into bed.”

– Phoebe, please come rub my feet. It is one of my favorite things in the world.

– Where did Rachel get her outfit? Is that new also? Or did she go home to her parents? So many questions, so few answers.

– I’m glad that Rachel wasn’t instantly hired at some amazing job even though she has no work experience or skills.

– DO NOT CUT UP THE CREDIT CARDS! You need to be able to afford food and toilet paper. Cut them up AFTER you have a job.

– I miss staying up so late that all you can find playing is the National Anthem while a flag waves. I’m lucky if I can make it to midnight now.

– You can never split on Oreo and have creme filling on both sides. Break that shit in half sucker!

– Rachel JUST broke up with her fiance yesterday. I’m pretty sure she’s not ready to be dating. Also, she didn’t eat her half of the Oreo. Waste of a shared cookie.

– Ross’s shirt is the pits. It’s like a weird tunic thing. I can’t describe it accurately. I just hate it.


Overall I found the show to be mildly funny. The outfits/haircuts were most amusing to me at this point, but it was decent enough that I will check out the next few episodes.



  1. I had to skip this one. I absolutely hate this show. Ugh!

    1. That’s why I try to post twice on days where there are recaps.

  2. Hey I happened to use your pic which i found through google search. I have given the credits to you, but if you still have a problem i could remove it!

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