Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 2.02 Brave New World

Caroline awakens in her room at Mystic Falls Hospital. She goes into the lobby where a single nurse is on duty. The nurse tells her it is the middle of the night; she should get back into bed. Caroline ignores her, overwhelmed by the smells around her. She sees a blood bag in another patient’s room and walks toward it until the nurse catches her and takes her back to her room. Once alone, Caroline takes the blood bag out of the pocket of her gown. She takes a sip but is disgusted and throws it on the ground. After a moment she picks it up again and starts drinking, fangs coming out to play. Oh shit.

Her hair is surprisingly bouncy for a dead girl.

Bonnie and Elena are at Mystic Falls High, preparing for a carnival (yay!) and talking about Katherine. Bonnie is amazed by how much they look alike. One might even say they look EXACTLY alike. Elena is creeped out by the whole thing, imaging how Katherine could be pretending she is Elena. Bonnie asks if she has talked to Damon since the attempted murder of Jeremy. Elena tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about Damon or any other vampire related business. She wants to focus on being a human and doing human things like displaying stuffed animals at the games. They crack a joke about Caroline being super human, doing things like running the carnival. If they only knew.

Jeremy and Stefan are in the school, having a chat. Stefan gives him some vervain and tells him that it is poisonous to vampires. Jer makes a comment about how Damon deserved to be staked. I am not liking the direction that this conversation is taking. Stefan reminds him that Damon is insanely strong and slightly less than stable. Elena arrives to be a buzzkill, asking the boys if they have done the carnival chores she gave them. Jeremy tells her he set up all three hundred goldfish and takes off before she can make him do anything else. Elena tells Stefan that she wants them to pretend to be boring high school students who don’t talk about vampires or Damon. Good luck with that.

Emo has a new hairstyle. While still not at full hotness capacity, it’s acceptable.

Damon is meeting with Carol at the Lockwood mansion. He tells her that he is looking into the vampire that attacked John Gilbert, who has thankfully left town. That dude was the pits. Carol is the interim mayor and as such would like Damon to head up the Founder’s Council. He tells her that he would be honored to protect the town from vampires. Mason and Tyler arrive home, prompting Carol to shut the doors to the living room. She tells him that Mason has never been a part of the council and she doesn’t wish to involve him now. Damon uses his super hearing to listen in on Tyler and Mason like a creep.

Tyler and Mason are busting each others’ chops, having been out running. Mason asks if Ty notices a difference in his levels of anger and aggression when he works out. Tyler reminds him that he plays three varsity sports and works out every day. He describes himself as an angry guy who gets rage black outs. Mason asks if there is a pattern to the anger; does it happen once a month or only at night? Is he trying to imply that Tyler is suffering from PMS? Because that’s the vibe that I’m getting. Ty says he just loses control and becomes something he hates. Damon listens to the entire conversation.

Caroline is hiding from the sun in her hospital room. She has the curtains drawn but a thin sliver of sunlight is still peeking through. She puts her hand into the beam but withdrawals it quickly when it begins to burn. That blows. Matt arrives to give her hospital food which is so not the cure for what ails. He goes to kiss her but there is sunlight between them. Caroline freaks out when he tells her that she is being released tomorrow morning. He thinks it’s because of the carnival because she refuses to tell him the truth. She really loses her shit when he tries to open the curtains. Poor Matty. He tells Caroline that he’ll come back later and takes off, having a sad.

Someone please give this kid a hug.

Damon is at the Salvatore Boarding House pouring blood from a pouch to a glass when Stefan arrives. They have some banter about woodland animals rising up against Stefan before launching into VERY SERIOUS talk. Stefan is concerned for Damon, but glad that he isn’t drinking straight from the vein. Damon tells Stefan that he thinks the Lockwoods have a family secret, seeing as they were also affected by the Gilbert device.

Caroline is still in the hospital, putting on jewelry. Which seems like a very odd activity given that she is a newly turned vampire trapped in a hospital. She puts on the vervain necklace that Elena gave her and surprise! She gets burned so she rips it off and throws it on the floor. Not a nice way to treat gifts.

The nurse wanders in and out of her room, pausing to comment on the pretty necklace and pick it up. Caroline drinks from a blood bag and completely freaks when she sees her face change and fangs come out in the mirror. She screams bloody murder, bringing the nurse back. Caroline strangles her and slams her against the wall, which is a hell of a way to welcome someone who is there to help you. She accidentally compels the nurse not to tell anyone. Then she bites her. Caroline Forbes, best patient in the world.

Night has fallen and the carnival is in full swing. Bonnie and Elena are patting themselves on the back for putting on a successful event, totally glossing over the fact that Caroline did all of the real prep leading up to the event. Elena starts to ask a handyman named Carter for help with the karaoke speakers but his attention is turned 100% to Bonnie. He is obvs an idiot. They walk off into the crowd, making puppy dog eyes at each other. It makes me throw up a little.

I continue to be baffled by people’s interest in her.

Mason is rooting through the Mayor’s office when he is busted by Tyler. He tells him that he is looking for an old family heirloom- a moon stone about the size of a hockey puck. What the hell is a moon stone and why would you pass it down through generations? The Lockwood family has a screw loose. Tyler suggests that he ask Carol and they take off for the carnival.

Jeremy and Damon have a VERY HOSTILE conversation at a popcorn booth. That sentence just made me giggle. Damon tries to keep things light, cracking jokes but Jeremy just can’t get over the time he killed him a little. Jer threatens to tell an unnamed someone the truth about Damon, which he doesn’t take very kindly to; he responds by choking him and taking his ring. Damon is awesome, laying down some serious truth for Little Gilbert. He is a badass and won’t let a punk kid walk around like he’s the shit because he owns a ring that can be stolen right from under his nose. He throws the ring at Jeremy and takes off.

Caroline is on the phone in her room telling someone’s voicemail that the doctor is releasing her tonight. The nurse is sitting on her bed with a bandage on her neck. She has the nurse repeat the story that she compelled her to give: her husband likes to get kinky. Eww. Caroline is pleased that the compulsion works (even if she doesn’t know how she’s doing it) and leaves to make sure Elena isn’t screwing everything up at the carnival.

At said carnival Damon is being extra creepy, lurking in the shadows while watching Tyler arm wrestle. Good thing he has Stefan to call him out on it. He says that he is observing Tyler as part of his investigation into the Lockwood family secret. Mason arrives and handily beats Tyler. Damon offers Stefan up to go next, which he isn’t super pumped about. Mason beats him and Damon is annoyed that he didn’t put effort in. Stefan tells him that he did try which further piques Damon’s curiosity.

Trifecta of handsomeness.

The Brothers Salvatore move to a more secluded hallway where they can speak freely. Mason isn’t a vampire but he has above-human strength. Stefan makes an AMAZING joke about them being ninja turtles, zombies or werewolves. I cracked up even if Damon thought the comedic timing was off. Damon sees Carter making repairs and compels him to start a fight with Tyler. He tells him to get Ty mad, and not to back down. Stefan is concerned that someone is going to hurt as part of Damon’s “experiment”. Damon hypothesizes that Mason will intervene.

Damon walks alone through the hallway until he runs into Caroline who throws him some serious shade. She is beginning to remember everything he did to her, including the things she was compelled to forget. Caroline isn’t super pumped about being manipulated and fed on. Damon is initially confused until she passes on Katherine’s message: “Game on”. Caroline pushes him to the floor and tells him that he sucks. While I like to think I would have come up with a way better insult than that, I’m proud of her for sticking up for herself.

Damon finds Elena who is the opposite of thrilled to see him. He tells her that he knows he is the last person she wants to see but that she needs to follow him.

Stefan is being a super stalker, following Tyler around the parking lot and hiding behind bushes. It is hilarious. Carter appears and pushes Tyler for no reason. Ty gets pissed (as most people would) and tells the guy to watch where he’s going. Carter gets in his face and pushes him a couple more times for good measure. Tyler gets really torqued up, especially when Carter punches him in the face. The two begin fighting until Mason shows up, as predicted. Carter punches Mason and pushes him against a car. Mason makes some super sweet but definitely not human moves and his eyes go nuts, turning yellow and glowing. Tyler sees the eyes and comments on them. Mason punches Carter out and leaves with Tyler. Stefan rushes over to help Carter who doesn’t understand why he started a fight with a stranger.

Incognito Stefan is the funniest thing ever.

Caroline joins Matt at the ring toss where he isn’t doing so hot. She finally gives him the kiss he deserves and takes a turn at the game. She manages to break three bottle with her ring. Guess she’s a lot stronger than she realized. Caroline becomes fixated on Matt’s neck and I DO NOT LIKE THIS. She doesn’t like it either and tells Matt to leave her alone before running away.

Elena, Stefan and Damon are sitting in a random classroom discussing Caroline and her new-found vampirism. Damon is awesome, calling Katherine a “manipulative nasty little slut”. Elena is confused about why she picked Caroline to turn of all people and Stefan is concerned about how Caroline must be feeling. Stefan is all about the feels. Damon wants to find and kill her, viewing her as a liability and equating her with Vicki Donovan. Um, hold up a second. Caroline is in no way, shape or form like drug-addict Vicki. Let’s get that cleared up. He does bring up a good point- her mother is a wannabe vampire slayer so she will probably end up dead anyway. Elena and Stefan come down firmly on the side of not killing her and leave.

Caroline is all by her lonesome having a sad when she sees Carter, who is bleeding. This will not end well. He asks her if everything is okay and she apologizes. Then she super speeds at him and drains him of all his blood. Not a great way to make friends.

Meanwhile, Matt is talking with Bonnie about Caroline. He thinks she is pissed at him, which is understandable given her behavior over the course of the day. Bonnie tells him she’s just being Caroline plus she almost died, which would make anyone act a little whacky. He tells her that something was different but he can’t put his finger on what.

Damon finds a stake on the ground while looking for Caroline. Elena, who is also searching for her, asks Stefan if he agrees with Damon. He responds by punching an innocent trailer. He knows that Damon is right, not about killing her but about the fact that things aren’t going to end well. Elena is self-centered and thinks that Katherine targeted Caroline to get at her but Stefan tells her that it was meant to punish him. I’m sure Caroline would love to hear that she’s just a pawn in their weirdo love triangle.

Mason and Tyler return to the Lockwood mansion after their thrilling night on the town. Ty tries to ask Mason what was up with his super awesome moves and freaky eyes. Mason chalks it up to Brazilian martial arts and the reflection of a car headlight. Because Tyler isn’t a complete fucking idiot, he isn’t buying what Mason is selling. Mason gets pissed and yells about have to pull Ty out of a fight, prompting Tyler to take off.

Bonus points to Mason for referring to Tyler’s “delinquent ass”.

Stefan and Elena are still searching for Caroline when Stefan notices something- he can smell blood. Gross.

Caroline is crying next to Carter’s dead body, face covered in blood. Damon arrives, saying he can help her. She asks how and he tells her that he is going to kill her. She freak out which, duh. She begs him for help and just as he is about to stake her, Stefan arrives to save the day. Caroline totally wigs when Elena approaches her. Elena tells her that she isn’t Katherine while Caroline is seriously confused. Damon tries to stake her again but this time Elena puts herself in front of Caroline. He knows he can’t do anything to hurt Elena so he tells her that whatever happens, it’s all on her.  Bonnie picks this perfect time to come check on Caroline but sees the blood on her face and loses her shit. She grabs Care and can tell that she is a vampire. She sees Carter’s body and is horrified.

Stefan takes Caroline to the bathroom where he is very sweet, wiping the blood off of her face with tissues. This show makes me say things I never would have thought possible. Caroline is upset that Bonnie hates her and concerned about Matt. She calls herself a murderer and a monster, and can I please give her a big hug? Caroline may be annoying at times but she certainly hasn’t done anything to warrant this. She sees her face changing in the mirror and freaks. Stefan changes his face and tells her that she just needs to learn control. He shows her that it’s possible to change it back and she takes a few breaths, returning her face to normal. Caroline asks why Katherine turned her which is a fair question. Stefan has no answer but he promises that he won’t let anything happen to her and gives her a hug. Sometimes I really like Stefan.

Not her best look.

Bonnie is still in shock over Caroline’s transformation. Damon arrives to where she and Elena are, prepared to dig a grave for Carter. Bonnie is an asshole, using her witch powers to give him a super migraine. She blames Damon for Caroline, telling Elena that everything bad that happens is his fault. She opens a faucet with magic and aims a hose at him. She uses it to create a fire that spreads to Damon. Elena screams for her to stop as he begins burning. What the fuck? Elena jumps over the line of fire and breaks Bonnie’s concentration, ending the spell. Someone please kill Bonnie now.

Elena is at her locker when Stefan appears to tell her Carter’s body has been taken care of. Elena thinks that Damon is right- things can only end badly for Caroline. Stefan vows that he will makes sure Damon’s prediction is wrong. Elena is upset that her normal day didn’t go as planned but how can it with a witch best friend, vampire boyfriend and insane doppelganger on the loose? Stefan tries to be reassuring but Elena calls it a day.

At the Lockwood mansion, Carol tells Mason that she thinks his presence is good for Tyler and that she will look for his moon stone. Mason apologizes to Tyler for losing his temper and goes to bed. Once alone, Tyler goes into his father’s office and looks in the secret hiding spot under the carpet. He opens the box that is hidden there and what do you know? The box contains the moon stone which is a legit stone. Ty takes it from the box and pockets it.

It looks like a breast implant.

Damon is pouring a glass of scotchy scotch scotch at the Salvatore Boarding House when Jeremy appears behind him. He tells him that he laced the scotch with vervain so he could stake him, and drops his stake to the floor. Damon seems mildly impressed that Jer came there to kill him. Jeremy tells him about Grayson and John’s hatred of vampires and his jealousy over their knowing what they stood for. Damon is kind of a dick, but also hilarious, apologizing for not having milk and cookies. He softens and tells him about Giuseppe hating vampires too, having a little manly bonding sesh.

Caroline is laying in bed when Matt opens her window. He asks if she is okay and tells her that he is feeling insecure. He gives a little speech about how he has been thinking a lot since her car accident and came to the realization that he is in love with her. I LOVE MATT DONOVAN. They share an adorable smooch and Caroline’s face begins to change but she is able to regain control using the trick Stefan taught her.

Elena is sleeping when UBER-CREEPY STEFAN SHOWS UP AND WATCHES HER SLEEP. He kisses her cheek, waking her up and tells her to come with him. They arrive at the empty carnival. Stefan compelled the guard so he could fulfill Elena’s wish of kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel. She grabs on to him and he leaps to the top of the wheel in a single bound! It looks so dangerous! I would have peed my pants if I was Elena and ruined the entire moment. Elena laughs and they share a kiss, realizing that things are only going to get worse.

Watching someone sleep is not romantic. It is creepy. Please recognize.




ELENA: “Then later you’re going to take me to the Ferris wheel, we’re gonna ride to the very top and then you’re gonna kiss me and my heart will flutter like a normal high school girl. Do you see a running theme here?”

DAMON: “I will shove this ring so far up your ass, you’ll really have something to choke on.”

DAMON: “Since this is reality and there’s no such thing as werewolves or combat turtles.”
STEFAN: “I said ninja turtles, actually.”

DAMON: “Look, I don’t do the big brother thing very well. Sorry, I don’t have any milk and cookies to offer you.”


BJ Britt as Carter


Last.fm_play.png “Animal” by Neon Trees. Elena and Bonnie discuss Katherine while preparing for the carnival.

Last.fm_play.png “Geraldine” by Glasvegas. Carter and Bonnie flirt over karaoke speakers.

Last.fm_play.png “Currency Of Love” by Silversun Pickups. Damon and Stefan watch Tyler and Mason arm wrestle; Stefan arm wrestles Mason.

Last.fm_play.png “The Ladder” by Andrew Belle. Caroline greets Matt at the bottle toss.

Last.fm_play.png “All This Time” by One Republic. Stefan and Elena ride the Ferris wheel after hours.

All screenshots from Vampire Diaries Web

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