Just Listen: “Tonight You Belong to Me”

“Tonight You Belong to Me” has been featured in numerous films, TV shows, commercials, etc.

Gene Austin (1927)

This is the original version. While the chorus has been kept in all future versions, the verses have changed. As noted in previous posts, I am a sucker for the vocal styling of the 1920’s. There is something about the old-timey sound that instantly gives me warm fuzzies.

Patience and Prudence (1956)

This is version that I have heard most often. These girls have the sweetest voices. They give the song a wistful feel.

Phantom Planet (2004)

I love the vocals on this remake. I wasn’t expecting to like the singular male voice despite being a big fan of Phantom Planet. I was pleasantly surprised. I also like the use of guitar over ukelele, which seems to be the instrument of choice in most of the remakes.

The Jerk (1979)

My favorite scene featuring the song is from The Jerk. I have been in love with Steve Martin since I was five and seeing this just further cemented it. Bonus points for the trumpet.

Bunheads (2013)

Finally, the scene that inspired this post. I was catching up on Bunheads (don’t judge me) when a scene containing the song surprised me. It has a melancholy feel but I still adore it.


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