Things I Do When I’m In Love

  • Daydream about the future. We’ll tour foreign countries where he’ll be able to speak the language passably because he’s a genius. We’ll go to amusement parks and ride ALL the roller coasters. We’ll build sandcastles on the beach and swim in the ocean. We’ll shoot guns and drink beers on the back deck. I have a very vivid imagination.
  • Try to be extra impressive around his friends. I generally think I’m pretty awesome and hilarious but when I get around his friends I feel the need to crank it up. I suddenly find myself thinking really hard about the jokes I tell and the topics of conversation that I bring to the table. Why yes, I did think this would be the perfect time to bring up anything I remember from Honors Chemistry despite the fact that it may not be relevant. At all. To anything.
  • Suddenly become very conscious of what could be viewed as stalking behavior. I don’t visit his Facebook or watch his band’s videos online because it makes me feel like a creeper. Why? I can’t say for sure. He obviously can’t tell how many times I might look at his pictures. But what if he could, my mind often asks. What if there is a secret way that he can track every click of my mouse on his page and sees them and thinks I’m crazy and obsessive? While I recognize these thoughts are crazy themselves, I can’t help where my mind goes.
  • Ramble on about how the word love isn’t big enough to convey all the feelings that I have for him. I’ll try to come up with replacement words and end up telling him that I love/banana/toaster him. True story.
  • Sing cheesy love songs because yes, I am a girl. While I’m not venturing into Celine Dion/ Whitney Houston levels of sappiness, it’s not my usual fare. Think “Oh My Love” by John Lennon and “A Whole New World” from Aladdin.
  • Want all my favorite TV characters to hook up with each other. I am suddenly super invested in Jess and Nick having more smooches on New Girl. My dedication to shipping this is borderline embarrassing.
  • Become excited at the prospect of showing him new things. I want him to see all of my favorite movies and TV shows, listen to all of my favorite songs, and read my favorite books. I don’t worry about him judging me for liking them but am always pleasantly surprised when he likes any of it. Of course he likes it- I have fantastic taste!
  • Am super delighted to be exposed to new things. I want to know ALL about all of his favorite things. I am very curious by nature and want to know everything about everything anyway, but it is exacerbated. Maybe he’ll introduce me to a new writer or style of music that I will fall in love with.
  • Drive my family and friends crazy by talking about how awesome he is. When I get really pumped about something, I tend to talk about it ad nauseum. Boyfriends are no exception to the rule. At least they all listen politely when I tell them for the seventeenth time what a hard worker he is.

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