Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.22 Founder’s Day

Stefan and Elena are both preparing for the Founder’s Day parade in their respective homes. Stefan looks very spiffy in his 1800’s gear. Way better than he does in flashbacks. I think it’s the haircut. Elena gets help from Jenna putting her HUMONGOUS dress on. How very Katherine of her.

Nowhere near as dorky as in 1864.

Mrs. Lockwood is supervising final preparation for Founder’s Day at MFHS. Stefan is waiting when Damon appears, cracking jokes. Too bad Bonnie didn’t actually deactivate the Gilbert device like they all think. Damon brings up the talk he had with Stefan earlier about leaving Elena alone. Damon makes a comment about being “the better, hotter, superior choice”, cementing my eternal love for him. He remarks that Elena is nothing like Katherine and who should appear but Elena, looking EXACTLY like Katherine.

It’s freaky.

Jeremy is in his bedroom getting into his very Founder’s Day costume when Anna arrives. She tells Jeremy that John killed her mother; he tries to explain that John was raised to hate vampires and was doing what he thought was right. You probably shouldn’t defend him to the daughter of the woman he killed. Just a shot in the dark. Anna tells Jeremy that she is leaving town and wants him to come with her. Is anyone else having Vicki déjà vu? She gives him a flask of her blood and tells him all he has to do is die with it in her system, then he will be a vampire too. He says he just isn’t up for it anymore and she vanishes.

Elena and Stefan are at the high school discussing the probability that John is actually her birth father and not her uncle. It sounds like an episode of Maury. She is upset because she has always hated John (justifiably) and really hopes it isn’t true. With the problems she is having with Jeremy, she doesn’t know if she even wants the truth. Stefan reassures her that Jeremy will forgive her in time.

Meanwhile, Caroline is forcing Matt to hide his cast while they take pictures in era-appropriate garb. Tyler offers to take a picture of the couple with Bonnie but Matt bails, still pissed that Tyler made out with his mom. I’m not sure one gets over that. Like, ever.

Jeremy arrives at the high school and Elena runs over to him, telling him what a great job he did on the float. Jer is still super pissed and tells her to get lost. When she wants to talk things through, he suggests that she have Damon erase his memory again to make everything easy. I get that he is being sarcastic, but this is a good suggestion. Damon could compel him to think Elena told him the truth from the get go and the problem would be solved.

Mrs. Lockwood is commentating on the parade floats as they drive by. Jeremy and Tyler are on the History department’s Battle of Willow Creek float while Elena, Stefan, Caroline and Matt are on the Miss Mystic Falls float. Everyone looks pretty awesome in their costumes except for Jeremy. He always looks disgusting with his Emo haircut. Damon gives Elena a cute little wave as they pass by.


As they watch the floats pass by, Damon takes the opportunity to thank Bonnie for deactivating the Gilbert device. He knows that the device had/has the potential to kill him and he is grateful for what he thinks she did. Even though Bonnie is super bitchy through the entire interaction, he tells her that he owes her one.

John and Mayor Lockwood meet in Grayson’s medical office to assemble the Gilbert device. John explains that a key is inserted that causes the device to emit a high pitch frequency for five minutes. The sound will only be heard by vampires, who will be incapacitated. Once the vampires are exposed, the sheriff’s deputies will be able to inject them with vervain and bring them to the office to be killed. He also says that a tomb vampire confirmed that there would be an attack made during Founder’s Day.

In another abandoned building, the tomb vampires have gathered to discuss their attack and hand out coordinated orange t-shirts. Way to blend in. When the fireworks start, the vampires will attack the founding families. Anna arrives, surprising Charlie (the new leader of the tomb vamps).

Damon and Elena run into each other at the Mystic Grill. Elena has changed, to Damon’s delight. He doesn’t care for the period look. Elena brings up Stefan’s insecurity regarding their friendship. She tells Damon to stop with the flirty comments and his eye thing. I LOVE the eye thing. She asks that he doesn’t make her regret being his friend which makes him have a little sad. Because Elena loves awkward/horrible encounters, she heads over to the table where Jeremy is sitting. She is sorry that she lied to him and wants to fix things. He tells her to go to hell and takes off. Damon watches the entire interaction and does not look pleased.

Damon catches up with Jeremy in town square and does a fantastic impression of him. Damon tells him to treat Elena better or else. Jeremy doesn’t think she should be cut any slack for erasing his memories. Damon reminds him that he is the one who did the erasing, not Elena. Jeremy threatens to scream and cause a scene because he is a nine year old girl.  Stefan interrupts them to play good cop. He tells Jeremy that Damon turned Vicki and Stefan killed her because she was a threat. I don’t get why anyone is bothering to try to reason with him. The kid is a dick.

After Jeremy leaves, Stefan tells Damon to stay out of Elena’s relationship with her brother. He makes a joke about Stefan being the only do-gooder, which makes Stefan even angrier. He doesn’t think that Damon’s reason for getting involved is pure. He gives him a mini-lecture on doing the right thing for nothing in return and storms off. Everyone is so touchy today!

John and Mayor Lockwood have moved their meeting from Grayson’s office to Sheriff Forbes’s. She doesn’t agree with their plan to use the town as bait to lure out the tomb vamps. Mayor Lockwood tells her that he has already discussed it with her deputies and they are all on board. Liz tries to play the Sheriff card so John asks to speak to her alone. She tries to reason with him but he slams her head into her desk, knocking her unconscious and possibly giving her a blood clot. He removes her gun before attaching her to a pipe with her handcuffs.

This looks like a scene from a Lifetime movie about date rape.

Night has fallen and Damon is checking out town square when he runs into Anna. She tells him that the tomb vampires are attacking tonight after the fireworks start. He tells her that the Gilbert device that John planned on using has been deactivated. He asks where the tomb vamps are now and she says they are already there.

Meanwhile, the tomb vampires meet in front of a building where Charlie reminds them that they doesn’t know which townspeople ingest vervain, so they should kill rather than drink. They then disperse into the crowd.

Damon tracks down Ric and asks if he has any more vervain darts in his car. Ric answers in the affirmative and runs off to get them and some stakes. Damon then finds Stefan and Elena and fills them in on the situation. He tells Stefan to get Elena out of there and heads off to carry out the rest of his plan. Elena and Stefan rush off to find Jeremy.

Tyler is shooting pool at the Mystic Grill while Caroline tries to convince Matt to talk to him. Mayor Lockwood comes in and tells Tyler to go home. Tyler throws him some shade and just as the Mayor is about to lay a hand on him, Ty tells him to get off of him. Caroline and Matt rush over to see if everything is alright. Mayor Lockwood gives Ty his car keys and asks him to take Caroline and Matt home with him. He says he will explain everything later.

Just because I want a picture of Matt.

Jeremy, who is also at the Grill, is approached by Anna. She pushes him into the restroom so she can tell him something important. Or make out. I can’t tell just yet.

Mayor Lockwood is giving a dedication speech in town square. At the same time, John is with a deputy in Grayson’s office, preparing the device. The fireworks go off and the tomb vampires begin following the Mayor and Mrs. Lockwood. Bonnie accidentally bumps into Charlie and sense that he is a vampire, so she decides to follow him.

Damon arrives at Grayson’s office to confront John but he activates the device. Damon drops to the floor, holding his head and screaming in a very manly fashion. Stefan falls in town square, shouting to Elena about his head. Anna is in the bathroom at the Grill, begging Jeremy to make it stop. All around town, vampires are dropping like flies, including Charlie who is vervained by a deputy. John injects Damon with vervain also.

Tyler is driving when he suddenly hears the device. He grabs his head and starts screaming about the noise while blood comes out of his ears. A VERY concerned Matt and Caroline start freaking out. Tyler loses control of the car and it crashes against a wall!

In town square a deputy is headed to inject Stefan with vervain but Ric arrives and tells him that he will take care of it. Elena helps carry him into an alleyway, not understanding what is going on. Ric tells her that the cops are injecting anyone who has fallen.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lockwood has also fallen and been injected with vervain.

Anna and Jeremy are still in the restroom when deputies enter. One injects her while the other restrains Jeremy. They take Anna away.

Not doing so hot.

The device has finally stopped back at Grayson’s office. John goes into the basement where Damon, Anna, and the other unconscious vampires are on the floor. John tells the deputies that the vampires won’t be down for long now that the device is done. The deputies begin pouring gasoline everywhere as Damon wakes up. As John goes to leave, Anna grabs his leg. John tells the other deputies to head upstairs. Anna tries to get up, but John stakes her. John pours a trail of gasoline up the stairs and lights in on fire. The vampires begin to burn as Damon watches helplessly in his weakened state.

Stefan is beginning to recover in the alleyway. Ric tells him and Elena that all the vampires are being taken to Grayson’s office. Stefan correctly deduces that it must have been the Gilbert device that causes the piercing in his skull. Elena argues that Bonnie unspelled it but Ric and Stefan ask her to think about it for a minute. Would she really deactivate something that could protect people from vampires? Stefan asks where Damon is but no one knows. Elena asks Ric to take Jeremy home so they can search for Damon.

Mrs. Lockwood goes to Sheriff Forbes’s office where Liz is still chained to the pipes. Carol tells her that Mayor Lockwood was taken away by the deputies even though he isn’t a vampire. She helps unlock the handcuffs so they can go find him.

Damon notices that Mayor Lockwood is trapped in the burning basement with him. Mayor asks what he’s doing there and Damon tells him that he is a vampire. He asks why the Mayor is there seeing as he isn’t a vampire and the vervain didn’t affect him. He tries to back away from Damon but falls into Charlie, who kills him.

RIP Douchey Mayor.

An ambulance has arrived to check on the car crash victims. Matt wants Caroline to get checked out but she insists that she is fine. Tyler is unconscious when one of the medics lifts his eyelid. There is something definitely non-human about his eye. Tyler wakes up and asks Matt what happened. Having almost lost him, Matt is ready to be buddies again. Aww. Matt turns his head to find Caroline unconscious on the floor.

Seriously freaky. Also, gorgeous eyelashes.

Elena and Stefan are walking through town square when something catches his ear. He can hear the vampires inside of the fire.

Damon tries to get up from the floor in the burning basement but a beam falls on his head. Part of my heart dies.

Elena and Stefan run into John as they head toward Grayson’s office. Elena asks him where Damon is and he replies that he is inside, burning where he should be. I hate John Gilbert. Stefan looks around the building for another entrance and finds a utility door. Elena goes after him but John grabs her arm. He tells her that if she leaves he will alert the deputies to the fact that Stefan is a vampire. She tells him that as her father she’s asking him not to and takes off.

Stefan runs toward the utility door but Bonnie arrives to stop him. He tries the inner door but the doorknob is too hot. Elena arrives to find Bonnie staring at the building. She apologizes to Elena for lying about deactivating the advice. She grabs Elena’s arm for some extra power and begins reciting a spell in Latin. In the building, Stefan can finally open the door but the fire is still raging. Suddenly Bonnie’s spell kicks in and the flames diminish. Stefan finds Damon and helps him outside.

Is it hot in here or is it just Damon?

Elena and Stefan are at the Mystic Grill talking about how much Stefan tries to hate Damon but fails. Elena tells him that he has nothing to worry about regarding her and Damon, no matter how Damon-like he is. They have a cute little moment together where she assures him that she loves only him. Smooches ensue. She then leaves to pick up her dress from the school and head home to check on Jeremy.

Jeremy is in his bedroom having a serious sad. He feels all of the feelings as he takes the flask of Anna’s blood and puts it on his desk. Damon comes in to tell him that Anna is dead. He wanted to help her but couldn’t. He offers to take Jeremy’s memory away again if he wants. Jer tells him that he may think he took it away, but he still feels an emptiness every day. It is all VERY depressing. Damon apologizes for his part in Vicki’s death. Jeremy asks if it is true that vampires can shut off their humanity. Damon says that yes and admits that he turned it off for a long time.

Tyler and Matt are at Mystic Falls Hospital, waiting for word on Caroline. Sheriff Forbes tells them that she suffered internal bleeding and is in surgery. She then asks Tyler if he has spoken with his mom. He says he left a message and she tells him to call her; his dad is dead.

Jeremy is super emo, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He opens Anna’s flask and drinks the blood inside. He then pours some pills on the counter and picks one up.

Bonnie arrives at the Mystic Grill, looking for Stefan. She tells him that she saved him and Damon from the fire for Elena’s sake. Damon has to change and stop spilling innocent blood or she will take him down. Least scary threat EVER.

As Damon leaves Elena’s house, he runs into her on the porch. He gives a little speech about how he wants to protect Mystic Falls, even though he isn’t a hero or a do-gooder. He knows that Bonnie only saved his life because of her and thanks her for seeing something in him worth saving. He gives her a peck on the cheek. After some EYE CONTACT, he leans in for a real kiss. THIS IS SUPER SERIOUS. This is the point where I start crying and hyperventilating.

She returns the kiss until Jenna opens the door, interrupting them. Elena grabs her dress and goes into the house. Jenna asks what she was doing but Elena doesn’t want to talk about it. Outside, Damon looks at the house and touches his lips before leaving.

Jeremy is still in the bathroom, having taken all the pills. He goes to lie down on his bed and passes out.

Meanwhile, John is in the kitchen with his head in the fridge. He closes the door to find Elena standing behind it. He tells her about how he fell in love with Isobel, who was oh so special. Part of the reason that he hates vampires so vehemently is because of what she became after she was turned. She thanks him and looks at his giant ugly ring. Then she cuts his fingers off with a knife and pushes him against the sink. It’s actually Katherine!!! She vamps out and stabs him.

Definitely NOT Elena.

The real Elena is outside on her porch, talking to Stefan on the phone. She tells him that someone stole her stuff from the school. Wonder who that could be? She enters the house to check on Jeremy when she hears a noise in the kitchen.


Anna, Mayor Lockwood, Charlie and the rest of the tomb vampires.


DAMON: “Why wouldn’t I be here? Bonnie deactivated the Gilbert invention, Isobel is gone and it’s Founder’s Day! I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.”

CAROLINE: “You made out with his mother and then you beat him to a pulp. You’re gonna have to do a little bit better than sorry.”


Mike Erwin as Charlie


Last.fm_play.png “Every Time You Go” by Ellie Goulding. Mrs. Lockwood oversees preparation for the Founder’s Day parade.

Last.fm_play.png “You’ve Changed” by Sia. Caroline and Matt take pictures.

Last.fm_play.png “It Is What It Is” by Lifehouse. Damon and Elena talk at the Mystic Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “True Faith” by Anberlin. Tyler shoots pool; Mayor Lockwood tells him to go home.

Last.fm_play.png “Bloodstream” by Stateless. Damon and Elena kiss on the porch.


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