Just Listen: “Little Bitty Pretty One”

You guys, I got my first request! My bestie is a huge fan of “Little Bitty Pretty One” and requested that I write about it. Lucky for her, I also happen to have a special place in my heart for the song. You can thank Matilda for that.

I love her so much that I immediately went on a search to find the best versions and here is what I found:

Thurston Harris (1957)

This is the version that most people are familiar with. It is a cover of Bobby Day’s original song. It has been featured in Matilda, Christine, and Corrina, Corrina. Of the versions I listened to, Thurston had the biggest presence. He has an incredibly powerful voice, but controls it so that it isn’t overwhelming.

Frankie Lymon (1958)

I’ve always been partial to Frankie Lymon’s voice. He was fifteen when this was recorded, bringing a youthful lightness to the song that I find enjoyable.

Jackson 5 (1972)

I like how this is a little more laid back, a little bit softer. It was definitely influenced by Frankie Lymon’s version. I enjoy how the song utilizes the voice of each member. Michael’s voice is especially noticeable.


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