Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.20 Blood Brothers

Stefan is locked up in the basement cell of the Salvatore Boarding House. The withdrawal from human blood is causing him to hallucinate.

FLASHBACK! Mystic Falls, 1864- All of the townspeople are busy capturing vampires. Stefan tries to distract them so Damon can circle around and rescue Katherine. Damon is able to get to the carriage containing the vampires and knock out the lonely guard. Stefan joins him as he unlocks it, and they untie Katherine and remove her muzzle. Suddenly a shot rings out in the air and Damon dies. My heart just broke into a million pieces. Stefan runs and grabs a gun, but he is also shot.

This is making me feel the feels. I do not approve.

PRESENT DAY/1864- Stefan keeps drifting back and forth between the present and the past. He can hear Damon and Elena calling his name in the present but sees Katherine being taken back into the carriage in the past. She turns into Elena, being led out of the cell in the present by Damon.

PRESENT- Elena and Damon are in the basement, watching Stefan. Elena complains about how hard it is to see him like this. Damon points out that she is the one who locked him up in the first place. He only helped so the townspeople would stop looking for vampires.

1864- Stefan awakens. He opens his bloody shirt and sees that there is no bullet wound. He stops to look at the super hideous ring on his hand. This must be when he first received the daylight ring. Emily Bennett is there to help him through his transition. She found the Salvatore boys dead in the woods and her brother helped bring them to the quarry. Stefan doesn’t understand how he is alive; he didn’t know he was drinking Katherine’s blood. Emily tells him that Katherine compelled him while Damon drank willingly.

Stefan joins Damon by the river where he is having an extreme sad. He woke in the night and went to the church. He saw Katherine get dragged inside and the church set on fire. He thinks she is lost and gone forever.

Why can’t Damon always be like this? I’d even take the stupid hair if it meant permanent shirtlessness.

PRESENT- Damon and Elena sit in the living room of the Salvatore Boarding House, discussing the device that Pearl gave him. Damon still can’t figure out what it does. He asks if she has seen John lately but she tells him that she’s been too busy keeping guard over Stefan. They have a brief moment and it is adorable.

Anna joins Jeremy in the hallway at Mystic Falls High School. She has convinced her mother to allow her to attend school like a normal teenager. Jeremy is all emotional that she would “suffer” through high school to spend time with him. She makes a joke about been pathetic and lurky. At least, she thinks she’s joking. I think she hits it squarely on the nose. Jeremy is a loser so they smooch.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon brings Stefan a bottle of animal blood. He doesn’t want to see him desiccate. How touching. Damon is a bit of a dick, questioning why Stefan is still locked up if the human blood is all out of his system, but Stefan kind of deserves it. He’s feeling awfully sorry for himself.

Damon heads up to the living room where he receives a call from Alaric, who feels the need to give his first and last name when calling. You know, to differentiate him from all the other people named Alaric that might be calling. He had an old friend from Duke run a trace on John’s phone. He has been receiving calls from an apartment in Grove Hill. Ric thinks the calls are from Isobel. The boys make plans to check the apartment out together. Yay for buddies! Elena calls Damon telling him she will be there soon. She asks what Stefan’s favorite type of blood is and Damon is delightful, cracking jokes about puppies.

Elena hangs up the phone and finds creepy John standing behind her closet door. He wants to have a chat with her about how her mother would feel knowing she was dating a vampire. Elena is awesome, asking which mother he was referring to. Zinger.

Back in his basement cell of despair, Stefan is pouting while sitting on the floor.

1864- Stefan brings a pail of water over so he and Damon can wash the blood out of their shirts. Stefan is concerned about how Giuseppe took the news of their deaths. Damon feels nothing but betrayal. They talk about transitioning and Damon tells him that he is going to die. He doesn’t want to live without Katherine. That bitch.

Another shirtless Salvatore sighting. This episode is the best!

PRESENT- Elena goes down to visit Stefan in his cell. She tries to talk him into drinking some blood but he is super melodramatic, telling her that he just wants it to end.  So Elena heads upstairs to talk to the less morose Salvatore. He refers to Stefan’s behavior as “very typical Stefan martyr stuff” and tells her not to worry. He takes off with Ric after establishing that they are NOT friends.

Pearl joins John at the Mystic Grill. They are there to discuss the sale of Grayson’s office. Or not. Pearl tells him that she knows he is looking for the Gilbert device, and she isn’t going to let him have it. Well duh. She already gave it to Damon. John seems to think he is charming and will be able to talk her into it.

Jeremy and Anna are in his bedroom talking about Pearl and Jonathan Gilbert’s forbidden love and the Gilbert device. Jeremy thinks that John has read all of the Gilbert journals, which is how he knows so much. Anna gets overly sentimental, referring to Jeremy as her weakness. They start to make out and remove clothing, pausing briefly so Anna can show off her creepy super hearing.

Wrong on so many levels. I’m throwing up now, thanks.

Damon and Ric arrive at an apartment in Grove Hill. Damon is concerned that he may not be able to enter the building, seeing as short-term rental and hotels are “a bit of a gray area”. Ric asks if they can refrain from killing anyone tonight, which is laughable. Killing is one of Damon’s best skills after being snarky and looking handsome. There is no permanent resident so Damon is able to enter freely. While inspecting the contents of the fridge, they are jumped by a male vampire. Ric stabs him with wooden knuckles, which is awesome. Damon throws him off of Ric and announces to the room that he knows this vamp. His name is Henry and he was locked in the tomb.

1864- Stefan approaches the Salvatore House and hears Jonathan and Giuseppe talking. They are discussing the founder’s archives. Giuseppe wants the deaths of the vampires to be marked down in history as loss of civilian life. He also wants his sons to be remembered as “innocent victims of the Battle of Willow Creek”.

PRESENT- Elena heads to the basement to talk to Stefan who threatens to drink her blood and tells her to leave. She tries to force him to drink blood but he knocks the bottle away with his full vamp face on.

Back in Grove Hill, Henry is spilling the beans on John Gilbert. Apparently he met him while fresh out of the tomb; John has been helping him adapt to the new world. Damon asks if he knows Isobel but gets a negative response. Henry is kind of hilarious listing the things that John has taught him about. They include separating whites and John Gilbert is an odd duck. In exchange for John’s kindness, Henry has been keeping an eye on the other tomb vamps. You know, the ones who want revenge on the founding families for trying to burn them alive. John calls Henry but before he can answer, Ric stakes him. Damon is awesome, reminding him that it was HIS idea to not kill anyone tonight.

John and Pearl are still discussing the device at the Mystic Grill. John tries to play the charming angle, promising her a white picket fence existence if she gives it to him. He tries to play on her emotions, telling her that Jonathan Gilbert wrote in his journal about how much he loved her and regretted what he did to her. When she still doesn’t give it to him, he becomes a super dick telling her that Jonathan hated her and wished he could have driven a stake through her heart. Pearl tells him that she gave the device to Damon and suggests that he rot in hell. With that awesome exit line, she takes off.

Elena is sitting in the cell of despair trying to get Stefan to open up to her. He tells her that he never should have made the transition and is trying to make up for it now by starving himself. Not exactly sound logic.

1864- Stefan enters his father’s office where he is most unwelcome. Um, how did he get in if his father didn’t invite him? Vicki still had to wait for Matt to invite her in when she was transitioning. Giuseppe tells Stefan that he is the one that shot both boys. He is officially the worst parent. Even worse than Kelly. Stefan tells him that he doesn’t plan on turning; he is going to let himself die. Giuseppe comes at Stefan with a stake and a scuffle ensues. Stefan throws him against the wall where he is accidentally impaled by his own stake. Stefan freaks out and removes the stake, touching his fingers to the blood on it. He licks his fingers, then touches his father’s wound and licks them again. His eyes get all veiny and his fangs come out.

WTF is this face?

PRESENT- Stefan doesn’t know how Elena can bear to look at him after hearing that he murdered his father accidentally on purpose. Elena wants him to come upstairs and talk but he doesn’t know if he is ready. She places his daylight ring on the cot and tells him that she will be upstairs when he is.

Ric and Damon are searching the house in Grove Hill. After finding nothing, an exasperated Ric tells him that he can’t keep searching for Isobel. They have some banter back and forth about what constitutes a healthy vs. unhealthy time spent searching for a woman that doesn’t want to be found.  Damon starts to tell Ric about how charming Isobel was but Ric doesn’t want to hear it. He has wasted enough of his life.

At the creepy house in the wood, Anna walks in on Pearl packing. She says they must leave town; too many people know the truth about them. Anna begs her to stay, bringing up Jeremy. Like your mom cares about Emo. Get real.

Elena is writing in her diary at the Salvatore Boarding House when Damon arrives home. They have a cute moment where he picks up her legs and sits on the couch, placing her legs over his lap. They discuss his trip with Ric- futile- and whether Stefan has had a change of heart. Elena scolds Damon for making Stefan’s life miserable for the last 145 years over his betrayal of Katherine. Damon gets angry and tells her that she hasn’t heard the entire story.

1864- Stefan brings Damon a gift at the quarry- a young girl. He tells him that he killed their father and is now transitioned. He waxes poetic about his new found strength, hearing and sight. Damon could care less. He isn’t interested now that Katherine is gone. Stefan finally convinces his to drink the girl’s blood. We now officially have two vampire brothers.

Weirdest familial bonding ever.

PRESENT- Damon finishes telling Elena his story. He tells her that from the moment Stefan drank blood, he has been a different person. Elena now understands why he is refusing to feed. She goes down to the basement cell but Stefan isn’t there. Elena picks up the daylight ring that he left behind and runs out of the cell.

Anna joins a sleeping Jeremy in his bed. Gross. She kisses him and says goodbye as his drifts back to sleep.

Stefan has gone to the quarry where Damon was turned.

1864- Stefan is excited that the brothers have eternity to spend exploring the world together but Damon has other plans. He vows to spend the rest of his life making Stefan miserable.

PRESENT- Stefan is standing at the quarry, looking weak.

1864- Emily finds Stefan alone. She is surprised that Stefan transitioned. Stefan tells her that his vampirism is a gift. She tells him it won’t seem that way forever. She knows his heart is pure (her words) and it will one day seem like a curse.

PRESENT- Elena approaches Stefan. She tells him that she knows the rest of the story. Stefan tells her that he should have died that night. She tells him that dying now won’t change what has happened. She launches into the story of the night her parents died. She blew off family night to attend a party where she got stranded. She called her parents to pick her up, which is why they were in the car on Wickery Bridge. She tells Stefan that is choosing to stop drinking human blood, he was choosing to be good. She reminds him that he saved her life. He eventually puts on his ring and they make out.

At the creepy house in woods, Harper is preparing Pearl’s luggage. He tells her that he wants to leave town with her and Anna. Pearl opens the door to leave and receives a stake to the heart.

Another one bites the dust.

Elena and Stefan join Damon in the library at the Salvatore Boarding House. Elena wishes Damon a good night and heads upstairs.  The boys have a heart to heart. Stefan thanks Damon for watching over Elena. Damon tells Stefan that he can’t feel guilty for the choices that he has made. He tells him that Emily waited until after he was turned to tell him that Katherine was protected by her spell. Stefan asks why he didn’t tell him and Damon says it is because he hated/hates him. But, he doesn’t hate him because he forced him to turn. Damon hates him because Katherine turned him too. It was supposed to be just him.

Anna enters the creepy house in the woods to find her mother and Harper staked. She completely loses her shit, wailing over Pearl’s dead body. Meanwhile, John calls Sheriff Forbes from the woods with an update about the vampires.

Ric is sitting at his second home- the bar at the Mystic Grill. He is drinking alone when a woman approaches him. Isobel has returned!

The bitch is back.


Henry, Pearl and Harper.


DAMON:  “Stefan likes…puppy blood, little golden retriever puppy’s with cute floppy ears. That’s his favorite.”

DAMON: ” ‘Let’s not not kill anyone tonight.’ Your words. Just pointing that out.”


Evan Gamble as Henry


Last.fm_play.png “Marchin on (Timbo Version)” by Timbaland with One Republic. Elena asks Damon about the Gilbert device; Anna tells Jeremy she is attending school.

Last.fm_play.png “Click” by Little Boots. John meets Pearl at the Mystic Grill.

Last.fm_play.png “In Line” by Robert Skoro. John tries to charm Pearl; Jeremy and Anna make out sesh.

Last.fm_play.png “I’ll Be Thinking of You” by Jamie McDonald. John offers Pearl a white picket fence life in exchange for the Gilbert device.

Last.fm_play.png “Son for the Waiting” by Aron Wright. Anna says goodbye to Jeremy; Stefan arrives at the quarry.

Last.fm_play.png “We’ll Be A Dream” by We The Kings. Isobel greets Ric at the Mystic Grill.


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