Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.19 Miss Mystic Falls

Stefan is in a chipper mood, pulling his fancy car into the school parking lot. Elena greets him with smooches. Young love. Not even an addiction to drinking blood can stop it. Elena asks how he is handling the cravings and he plays it cool, telling her the worst is over and he just wants to spend time with her. He thanks her for getting him through a rough patch and she rushes off to class. He opens his trunk to retrieve his backpack and it is LOADED with blood bags. Looks like someone isn’t being 100% honest.

Liar liar pants on fire.

Damon, John Gilbert and Sheriff Forbes are at Founder’s Hall discussing a break in at the blood bank. The night guard was compelled to alter the inventory records, leading them to believe it was a vampire. Perhaps the junkie vampire with a trunk full of blood bags, formerly known as Stefan? Sheriff Forbes tells them that security has been stepped up at the hospital and the guards are being given vervain. John offers to work with Damon to come up with a plan. This can’t be good. Damon did just try to kill him last week.

Ric is lecturing in history class when Bonnie rudely interrupts him, arriving late. It looks like she is back from mourning Grams. Funny, I didn’t even miss her at all. She gives Elena a smile as she sits down but it quickly fades when she sees Stefan.

Anna rings the bell at the Salvatore Boarding House, bringing Damon to the door. She is there to apologize on behalf of her mother for the kidnapping and torture of Stefan. Damon is less than impressed and warns Anna from robbing the blood bank. She tells him that she hasn’t been in over a week and it couldn’t have been any of the other tomb vampires because they have all left town. It’s just Anna, Pearl and Harper now.

Elena chases after Bonnie in the hallway at school. She tries to feel out how she’s doing but is interrupted by Caroline. It turns out that while Bonnie was dodging Elena’s calls, she was chatting with Caroline every day that she was gone. That sucks. Caroline is freaking out about finding a dress for Miss Mystic Falls. Both she and Elena are on the Founder’s Court but it seems Elena has forgotten.

Stefan arrives back at the Salvatore Boarding House after school. Damon greets him and inquires into his “chipper” new attitude. Stefan tells him that he is clean from drinking human blood but Damon doesn’t believe him. Clever boy.

Elena is roaming around the Gilbert kitchen, chatting with Stefan on the phone. She wants him to be her escort for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Her mother was Miss Mystic Falls when she was a teen and Elena wants to do it for her. They hang up and Stefan is holding a blood bag. Surprise, surprise. He stuffs it in a drawer and heads to the basement where the fridge is fully stocked with fresh blood. Damon appears from the shadows to chide Stefan for being a lying, thieving blood junkie. He confronts him about robbing the blood bank and tells him to keep a low profile. Stefan maintains that he is the same person and gets ruffled when Damon brings up Elena. He sees no reason for her to know he’s drinking human blood again. Damon tries to talk to him about the difficulty he has controlling himself, but Stefan tells him to back off.

This entire episode is just blood. EVERYWHERE.

Carol Lockwood and others are interviewing the Miss Mystic Falls Founder’s Court at Founder’s Hall. They want to know more about the potential Queen. Caroline tells them she is on a beautification committee, volunteers at the soup kitchen, implemented a green campaign at school, works for the recycling program, and ran the police raffle. Busy bee. Elena is a loser who hasn’t done anything this year but talks about her dead mother’s legacy. The other girls are Blair Fell, last year’s winner; Amber Bradley, the only one not from a founding family; and Tina Fell, who recently completed community service thanks to a D.U.I.

There is another ring of the bell at the Salvatore Boarding House. This time it’s John who has come to see Damon. John threatens to tell everyone Damon’s secret if he doesn’t help him look for Jonathan Gilbert’s device. The watch/compass thing? John thinks that Pearl has it. Damon tells him that he was only playing along because he thought that he would be led to Katherine, but since John obviously doesn’t know where she is, he’s done. John threatens him again but Damon doesn’t care; he’ll just massacre the entire town. Sounds like Damon.

Mrs. Lockwood is giving dancing lessons to all of the members of the Miss Mystic Falls Founder’s Court at the high school. The dance is some strange non-touching waltz that has Elena and Stefan giggling. It’s nice to see Stefan light hearted for a change.

Please dance like this always.

Meanwhile, Caroline is in the hallway bitching to Bonnie about the other members of the court. She thinks Elena is her only competition, as she will receive the sympathy vote for her dead parents. Real classy Caroline. They enter the dancing lessons as Elena and Stefan are leaving. Stefan greets Bonnie but she ignores him. Caroline tells them that Bonnie is filling in for Matt. Poor substitute if you ask me. Elena asks to speak to Bonnie in private; she wants to know why Bonnie is avoiding her and Stefan. Bonnie blames Stefan and Damon for Grams’ death and doesn’t want to put Elena in the middle. Stefan is an uber-creep, listening in on their conversation.

Stefan is walking outside the school when a player on the basketball court injures himself and begins bleeding. Stefan can smell the blood, and stands frozen. Alaric approaches him and puts an arm on his shoulder, which leads to Stefan strangling him. After a beat, he realizes who he is attacking and lets go. Ric asks if he is okay and Stefan feigns illness, leaving.

Ric arrives at the Gilbert house to drive the family to Founder’s Hall. He asks Elena how Stefan has been doing but is interrupted by John, who is kind of a douche, calling Ric “buddy”. Eww. Jenna looks gorgeous and is delightfully sassy, telling John his driving services won’t be needed.

Anna arrives at Founder’s Hall all dressed up and runs into Damon. They talk about the original Miss Mystic Falls pageant, in which Anna was supposed to enter. Damon tells her that John is looking for a Gilbert artifact that he believes Pearl stole. Anna doesn’t know where it is, so Damon suggests she looks.

Jenna is helping Elena get ready in the dressing room by curling her hair. Elena really does have amazing hair. They discuss how much her mother would have enjoyed the pageant and Elena has a little sad. Meanwhile, Jeremy and John are outside discussing how crazy Jonathan Gilbert was and his MULTIPLE journals. Jeremy ditches him when he sees Anna. Smooth move bro.

Super pretty.

Elena enters a separate room to get dressed and finds Amber. She is having a mild panic and leaves to get some air. Damon suddenly appears in the room, to tell Elena that Stefan is back on the human blood. She is shocked that Stefan would get out of control. Damon tells her that he will say and do anything to keep drinking.

Outside Jeremy catches up to Anna who is less than thrilled to see him. She is angry that he was using her to turn him into a vampire so he could be with Vicki. He believes his behavior is justified, seeing as she only became friends with him to feed his blood to her mom. Point taken. He tells her that he knows EVERYTHING, which means he must have spent extensive time with Elena’s journal.

Elena tells Damon that she feels guilty for feeding Stefan her blood when the devil himself enters the room. Elena confronts him about his drinking and Damon bails. Stefan quickly goes on the defensive, telling her that he kept it a secret because he knew that she would react poorly.  Thankfully, she isn’t buying what he’s selling. He tries to make a final plea but Mrs. Lockwood interrupts them and tells Elena she needs to join the other girls.

Stefan goes into the bathroom and pitches a temper tantrum, putting his fist through a mirror. That’s got to smart. Poor Amber enters and he moves toward her in full vamp face.

All of the guests have gathered to watch the girls walk down the stairs with their escorts. It seems like all of the couples are screwed up. Amber and Stefan are missing, and Matt wasn’t able to get out of work so Caroline is stuck with Jeffrey Lockwood Hamilton. Dorky name. Elena is mildly freaking out about this not being the person she is anymore when Caroline reminds her that she doing it for her mom.

Downstairs Jeremy and Anna are ignoring Elena’s introduction. Jeremy is angry that Elena kept secrets from him so he wants to start keeping secrets of his own. Like Emo has anything fun to share. He is, however, happy that the memory of Vicki trying to hurt him was erased. He doesn’t want to remember her like that. Anna tells him that even though she originally planned to feed him to her mother, she would never hurt him now. John is a freak, listening in the entire time.

Stefan is leading Amber across the parking lot. She is VERY concerned about missing the ceremony as he pushes her against the car. He compels her to stop worrying. Because he is the worst villain ever, he apologizes to her multiple times and freaks out about Elena discovering his secret. She says that he seems sad but in reality he’s hungry. Which makes him laugh like a total weirdo.

Mrs. Lockwood introduces Elena and her escort Stefan, who is nowhere to be found. Damon quickly takes him place because he is a gentleman. A super hot gentleman. They go outside where they do a very sensual no touching dance. SEXUAL TENSION EVERYWHERE.

So hot.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Amber are still in the parking lot. He is telling her how he wants to “rip into” her skin and drink her blood. Stefan is gross. He finally gives in, biting her neck.

Inside Mayor Lockwood crowns the new Miss Mystic Falls… Caroline! She is SUPER SURPRISED that she won! And she gets a cool banner.

John and Sheriff Forbes discover the smashed mirror in the bathroom. Liz tells him to bring her Damon.

Stefan is still outside with Amber being a creepy weirdo. He compels her to be afraid of him, telling her to run away.

Inside, Damon tells Elena that Amber is missing and there is a bloody mess upstairs. Elena doesn’t think that Stefan would hurt Amber, but they charge outside to find him anyway. Bonnie is a super freak, so she follows them.

Amber is running but Stefan catches her. Elena, Damon, and Bonnie arrive to see him bite her. Damon tries to tell him to get control, but Stefan chucks him into a tree. Elena “contributes” by screaming at him to stop. Least helpful plan ever. Bonnie uses her witchy mojo to give him a killer migraine. When she stops, he runs away.

The police have arrived to talk to Damon, Elena and Bonnie. They tell the cops that they found Amber missing blood and called Damon. Sheriff Forbes sends the girls back to the party and asks Damon if they saw the bite mark. He pretends like they don’t know anything. Because Elena is horrible at following instructions, she follows Bonnie to her car, trying to get her to talk about what just happened. Bonnie just wants to be left alone so she can make up her own mind. Elena has a sad.

John and Jenna watch Jeremy talking with Anna. John asks who the girl is and Jenna fills him in. She tells him that her mother is Pearl, piquing John’s interest.

Elena meets Ric at the car and fills him in on the Stefan situation.

Anna and Pearl meet Damon at the Salvatore Boarding House. Pearl gives him the device that she stole from Jonathan Gilbert. She thought it was the vampire detecting pocket watch, but it turned out to be something else. No one has a clue what, including me. Pearl wants Damon to consider this her apology for Stefan being kidnapped and tortured. Not a bad trade-off.

What is this?

Elena arrives in Stefan’s bedroom where he is trying to calm down. He does his best to scare her away- telling her he wanted to drain all of Amber’s blood, calling her an idiot, punching walls. Despite this, she refuses to give up on him. He eventually gives in and starts crying on her shoulder, apologizing. So she stabs him with a vervain dart. As he falls, Damon enters the room. They lock Stefan in the cell in the basement.




Stepheny Brock as Blair Fell

Spencer Locke as Amber Bradley

Autumn Dial as Tina Fell


Last.fm_play.png “Never Coming Down” by Faber Drive. Stefan arrives at school.

Last.fm_play.png “On The Beautiful Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss Jr. Elena and Stefan practice dancing at school.

Last.fm_play.png “Yellow” by Vitamin String Quartet. Anna arrives at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant; Jenna helps Elena get ready.

Last.fm_play.png “Clocks” by Vitamin String Quartet. John tells Jeremy about the Gilbert journals; Damon tells Elena that Stefan is drinking human blood.

Last.fm_play.png “Menuet Célèbre” by Luigi Boccherini. Mrs. Lockwood introduces the Miss Mystic Falls contestants; Caroline and Elena talk about the pageant; Anna and Jeremy chat.

Last.fm_play.png “All I Need” by Within Temptation. Damon and Elena dance.


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