Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.18 Under Control

Stefan is putting all of his blood drinking to good use, exercising around his house while wearing a wife beater and listening to loud music. Wouldn’t he be more comfortable without a shirt? I fully encourage both Salvatore brothers to be shirtless at all times. It’s not like they can catch a cold.

Hottest rehab patient ever.

Damon enters the room with a glass of blood that he tries to get Stefan to drink. Turns out Stefan is detoxing from the human stuff. Damon asks how long it took him to wean himself the last time he fell off the wagon and Stefan’s lack of response is not encouraging. Damon doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just drink from blood bags- it’s not like he’s killing anyone. He pats himself on the back for abstaining from the hunt while getting the Founder’s Council off of his trail. I love Damon.

Elena is on her way out of the door at the Gilbert house when she runs into an extremely blonde man. It’s her Uncle John who we have never heard of before. He appears to be an actual adult rather than a college student like Jenna, so why wasn’t he given custody of the kids? Curious. Jeremy seems excited to see him, but Jenna is less than thrilled. From their conversation he doesn’t see to be very reliable. That must be it. Both of the kids leave for school while the adults bicker over Mr. Gilbert’s medical office. Do we know the first name of Jeremy’s father? It seems John is cock-blocking Jenna from selling, as he is the estate’s trustee.

Matt and Elena are in the hallway at school discussing Uncle John. Elena is worried that his trip is open ended and Matt offers her moral support, seeing as he has never liked John. Matt thanks Elena for everything she did with regards to Vicki’s funeral and memorial. They have a meaningful pause that Elena ruins by bringing up Caroline. Apparently she likes to bake in stressful situations. Caroline, that is.

Outside of school Jeremy is listening to his headphones when Tyler approaches and offers him a joint. They discuss the Vicki cover story- she OD’d and was buried by whoever was with her when it happened. Mystic Falls PD really needs to start coming up with better shit. Tyler suggests that maybe she saw something that lead to her death but quickly dismisses it.

Damon meets with the rest of the Founder’s Council to discuss Vicki. Sheriff Forbes reassures everyone that the true nature of her death will be kept a secret. Mayor Lockwood introduces John Gilbert, surprising Damon. John reports to the others that a neighboring blood bank has been broken into multiple times and several people have gone missing, making Damon nervous.

Ric and Elena are in his classroom where he hands her a copy of the research paper that Jeremy wrote. Ric assures her that Jeremy denies the existence of vampires in it and they discuss keeping secrets and lying. Elena believes that keeping the truth from her loved ones is the best way to protect them. Ric tells her that he thinks Stefan is a good guy but at the end of the day, he is a vampire.

The Gilberts minus Elena are eating in the kitchen at the Gilbert house. John is trying to talk Jeremy into attending the Founder’s Day Kickoff Party. He launches into a spiel about how they are one of the founding families and have certain obligations to the town. Jenna makes fun of him and John retaliates by telling Jeremy they used to sleep together. Ewwww. He looks WAY older than her. Plus, ewww.

Jenna does not look thrilled.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena are upstairs in her bedroom where she is telling him about Jeremy’s research paper. She is worried that Damon’s compulsion is fading, but Stefan reassures her that is not the case. He suggests that she start to let him in a little, that way she can be prepared if he does learn the truth. Sound advice. She rubs his shoulders and asks how he’s doing after being kidnapped and tortured. Oh, just dandy! They begin making out super aggressively when Stefan suddenly rolls away. He is vamping out! He throws himself against a wall, breaking a lamp. Not cool bro.

There is a knock at the front door and who should be there but Damon. Seems Elena has called him over for a pow-wow. Damon is adorable, teasing Elena about going to her bedroom with her. Once upstairs, he tells her that Uncle John is on the Founder’s Council. He notices the broken lamp, providing Elena with the perfect segue to discuss Stefan’s erratic behavior. Damon tries to brush it off, opening her dresser drawers and inspecting her bras while she talks. He tells her that the Saint Stefan she knows is just one side of him. He has a much darker side that he has kept hidden away. Elena is kind of a bitch, saying he is nothing like Damon. They have a moment filled with extreme sexual tension before Damon leaves.

I dream about this moment.

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan is day drinking while hunting for a book. Also known as my average Saturday.

Elena takes Jeremy to the lake for a chat. She has told Jeremy that she is adopted, which he is taking pretty well. I have no clue what I would do if one of my brothers dropped that bomb. It probably depends on which one it was. He asks if she is bothered that they aren’t related and she assures him that he is her brother no matter what. How sweet. She shifts the conversation to his paper and asks what made him choose to write about vampires. He talks about the Gilbert craziness and teases her about not being a Gilbert.

The Founder’s Council Kickoff Party is underway! Stefan doesn’t think they should be there, but Damon is jazzed to be around people that love him. They have a cute brotherly moment where Damon shows genuine concern for Stefan. Then Stefan shakes a whiskey glass at him. I wish I was a Salvatore, because this is my kind of partying.

Mayor Lockwood greets Kelly and Matt, and thanks them for coming. Kelly makes a snide remark about how having a dead kid earns her a personal greeting. She leaves in search of a drink while Matt runs into Tyler, who has managed to sneak a bottle of liquor. The boys get their drink on.

Elena arrives and finds Stefan at the bar. Mystic Falls is full of alcoholics. She comments on Stefan being the drunk high school kid that sneaks booze at parties. He tells her that is helps him to keep the cravings under wraps. He asks her to dance, which is shocking given his known hatred of getting his groove on. Can I please hang out with drunk Stefan? He leaves to compel the DJ to play something awesome. Kelly chats with Elena then gets swooped into a dance by Stefan. Damon and Elena share a moment over Stefan being fun.

I call this move “Cooling Hot Soup”.

Elena and Jenna are chatting when Ric arrives to the party. He and Jenna leave to catch up. Matt asks Elena to dance, making her the luckiest girl at the party. Meanwhile, Damon is doing some light flirting with Sheriff Forbes, complimenting her on her dress. He tells her how he appreciates the Founder’s Council being so welcoming and making him feel at home. It’s kind of sweet. She tells him that she checked out what John said about the blood bank robberies and disappearances. Turns out he wasn’t lying. Jeremy interrupts them, asking Liz if there has been any more information on Vicki, such as why she was buried. She shuts him down, telling him the investigation is ongoing.

Stefan asks Elena to dance. They have barely begun when she accidentally bumps into someone. He is a super douche, telling her to get off the dance floor. Stefan grabs the man and compels him to apologize. He goes a little overboard with the intimidation, which Elena definitely notices. Stefan is not 100%.

Elena joins Damon at the bar and asks if he has noticed Stefan’s oddness. He tells her he’s been too busy listening to Jeremy ask questions about Vicki’s death. He threatens to compel him if he keeps asking questions. She tells him that she will handle it and he hands her a rose. Be still my beating heart.

Kelly is super wasted and puts her empty glass into a plant pot. Tyler busts her and they sneak off to drink vodka together. I smell trouble and it smells like grain alcohol.

Damon is admiring the stars on the balcony when John joins him. He introduces himself and immediately starts talking vampires. Total buzz kill. He tells Damon that not only does he know that the tomb vampires were released, but he knows Damon was the one who did the releasing. John tries to goad him into biting him but Damon has a better idea. He breaks John’s neck and throws him over the balcony. See ya later John.

You kind of ask to be thrown over a railing when you look this douchey.

Elena approaches Jeremy and tells him she knows he is asking questions about Vicki. He thinks someone killed her and buried the body to cover it up. Elena tells him everyone just wants to move on. He asks if she thinks that it was an overdose. Elena totally lies and says yes. Jeremy notices that something is up and asks what she is hiding from him. She pretends like everything is okay, but he doesn’t look like he buys it.

Kelly and Tyler are outside, wasted. Kelly admits that she knows she is behaving badly but can’t stand to face things sober. Tyler is feeling bad about the way that he treated Vicki. He doesn’t think he deserves to miss her. It’s really sad and a little bit sweet. They are both sad and lonely, and happy to have the other to talk to.

Matt is in a happy mood for once, talking to Elena. They have a hug and my heart almost bursts. Please be happy always Matt. They step outside for some air, and catch Kelly and Tyler full on making out. It makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Matt is justifiably pissed, pulling Tyler off of her and punching him in the face. In the scuffle, Kelly gets pushed to the floor. Tyler gains the upper hand and beats Matt’s face in. I AM NOT PLEASED ABOUT THIS. Ric pries Tyler off and Mayor Lockwood comes over to help break up the fight. Elena checks on Matt’s face. His beautiful, beautiful face.

Still not her worst parenting decision.

Stefan is inside, getting completely smashed. Damon tells him that he killed John and the Founder’s Council is back to hunting vampires. He walks away and Stefan starts to follow, but soon stops. It seems he can smell the blood dripping from the cut on Kelly’s head. She whines to him about how she ruins everything while he puts his fingers in the blood. She is weirded out so he leaves. Once he’s outside, he licks the blood off of his fingers. Not good.

Damon is inside when he sees John Gilbert walk in, not dead. What kind of special magic does he have?

Oh shit! Definitely not dead.

Mayor Lockwood gives a speech about this being the 150th anniversary of the town founding and asks John to ring the official charter bell. Damon joins Ric in the crowd and tells him to look at John’s hand. It seems he has an ugly statement ring of his own that matches Ric’s. Ric tells him that he got his ring from Isobel. They deduce that John may have known Isobel and Dr. Gilbert’s first name was Grayson!

Stefan is wandering around the parking lot when he runs into the douche man from earlier. The guy gets a serious attitude, taking a swing at Stefan who grabs his hand and drops him to his knees.

Jeremy is at the Gilbert house searching through Elena’s room. He eventually finds Elena’s diary and begins to read it. Damn little brothers.

Stefan has knocked the douche unconscious. Elena finds them both outside. She rushes to the man and asks if he is okay. He tells her that he fell and hurt his arm. Looks like a little compulsion was going on.

Mayor Lockwood finds Tyler and tells him it’s time to go. Tyler tries to apologize for losing control when his dad smacks him. Not cool Mayor. You are officially the worst parent on this show.

At the Donovan house, Matt is packing Kelly’s suitcase. She enters the room in tears, saying she can’t leave him again. He screams that he is better off without her and tells her that she needs to be gone by the morning.

Get lost life ruiner.

Damon and Ric trail John as he leaves Founder’s Hall. John not only knows who Ric is, but seems to know a lot about Damon. He tells them that if they try to take his ring and kill him, everything he knows will be delivered to the Founder’s Council. Ric asks where he got his ring. They are family heirlooms. The one John wears belonged to Grayson and the one Ric is wearing was John’s. He gave it to Isobel to protect herself. He is the one who send Isobel to Damon when she decided she wanted to become a vampire. He mentions knowing Katherine and takes one last shot as Ric, telling him that he’s heard a lot about him.

Jenna and Elena arrive home from the party. Elena finds Jeremy in his room and asks how he’s doing; he tells her that he is fine. She enters her room to find Stefan. He tells her that he lost control when he smelled Kelly’s blood. He wanted to drink from her and the man in the parking lot. He is spiraling out of control, but promised that he wouldn’t keep things from her. He’s worried about possibly hurting her but she thinks their love can conquer all.

Damon is sitting on the couch at home when Stefan arrives. He starts to tell him about Uncle John’s return from death but stops when he sees that Stefan isn’t doing well. He knows the need for human blood is too strong for Stefan to overcome. He leaves a glass of blood on the table and exits the room. Stefan picks up the glass and drinks.


John Gilbert (a little)


David Anders as John Gilbert


Last.fm_play.png “You and I” by Black Mustang. Stefan works out, sadly not shirtless.

Last.fm_play.png “Yeah!” by The Golden Dogs. Tyler and Jeremy talk about Vicki outside of school.

Last.fm_play.png “1901” by Phoenix. Stefan dances with Kelly Donovan at the Founder’s Council Kickoff Party.

Last.fm_play.png “White Knight” by The Postelles. Matt and Elena dance; Damon flirts with Sheriff Forbes.

Last.fm_play.png “Use Your Love” by Katy Perry. Stefan asks Elena to dance and she bumps into a douchebag.

Last.fm_play.png “Brick By Boring Brick” by Paramore. Elena and Damon talk about Jeremy; Kelly flirts with Tyler; Damon kills John.

Last.fm_play.png “Hey Hey Girl” by The Virgins. Matt and Elena find Kelly and Tyler making out.

Last.fm_play.png “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?” by The Airborne Toxic Event. Damon tells Stefan he killed John; Stefan smells Kelly’s head wound.

Last.fm_play.png “To Be Your Loss” by The Morning After Girls. John is back from the dead.


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