Just Listen: “Moody’s Mood for Love”

I don’t consider myself a big jazz person. I don’t dislike the genre, but I’ve never felt particularly drawn to it either. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard “Moody’s Mood for Love” and instantly fell in love.

I listened to as many versions as I could find and was able to narrow it down to my three favorites. Enjoy!

James Moody (1949)

The original song was a jazz instrumental. This is the song that made me appreciate just how good a saxophone can sound when placed in the right hands. I particularly enjoy the end.

Quincy Jones feat. James Moody, Take 6, Brian McKnight and Rachelle Farrell (1995)

I love the slowed down R&B feel to this version. If anyone was made to provide vocals for this song, it was Brian McKnight. His voice is so smooth and rich. I hate the phrase “baby making music” but that is what this is. The best part is that they incorporated James Moody’s saxophone at the end.

Elisabeth Carew (2009)

I wish this was an official recording, because I don’t feel like this does her voice justice. I happened upon it on youtube while searching for videos for this post and was not expecting this. The runs sound beautiful and I love the stripped down sound of the single guitar.


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