Musical Movie Moments: Dance Movies

I am captivated by dance movies. From the opening when all the characters meet and one of them almost doesn’t make the cut but you know he/she will end up being a star dancer, to the end when THE BIG PERFORMANCE takes place, I am hooked in.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)

The only time I’ve ever been jealous of Sarah Jessica Parker. She gets to dance with Jeff while he wears a belly shirt. And she does it on TV. This is one of my favorite dances because of the gymnastics included.

Center Stage (2000)

I want to be Jodie Sawyer so bad. Even though she makes horrible choices *cough*CooperNeilson*cough* and she has really bad turnout. She gets to wear an absolutely amazing costume that transitions from one dress to another while dancing with Charlie, the hottest guy in the company. Also, there is a motorcycle and one of the best musical medleys.

Step Up (2006)

Oh my Channing! I cannot take my eyes off of Channing Tatum when he starts to dance. I am completely hypnotized by every minute movement of his hips.

Magic Mike (2012)

Please see above comment but imagine more drooling.

Shag (1989)

While this might not technically be a “dance movie”, this is one of my favorite dance scenes. I used to practice shagging all the time as a kid. I still have this secret hope (well, it was) that I’ll meet a guy who enters us into a dance competition just like this one. Also, I want to wear Pudge’s blue dress.


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