Musical Movie Moments: Hilarious Dancing

I am not what you would call graceful. In spite of this (or perhaps because of this), I am mildly obsessed with dance. I love watching all types and often try to do it myself, with hilarious results. The only thing better than my drunk singing is my drunk dancing.

I wanted to compile some of my favorite ridiculous/hilarious dance scenes from movies. From a technical standpoint, most of these are atrocious. But from a comedic standpoint? Awesome.

“Bust a Move” / Young MC / Grind (2003)

The group dance starts at 0:41. Sweet Lou is awesome, as in most of the film. Dustin (my future husband Adam Brody) and Eric are extra adorable when Eric acts as a robot who restarts Dustin’s heart.

“It’s Tricky” / Run D.M.C. / Road Trip (2000)

This scene is really funny because Kyle is skinny, gawky, and super awkward. He gets so into it, I can’t help but giggle. The highland dancing is the funniest part.

“Two of Hearts” / Stacey Q / Hot Rod (2007)

The first time I saw this, I almost started choking because I was laughing so hard. It’s a really quick scene but it’s hysterical. I can’t take my eyes off of Kevin and whatever it is he’s doing.

“Never” / Moving Pictures / Hot Rod (2007)

I don’t know what else to say other than this is amazing. I will take Rod punch dancing through the woods over Ren in Footloose dancing around a warehouse any day of the week.

“Time After Time” / Cyndi Lauper / Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion (1997)

I love that this is supposed to be totally spontaneous. I buy that Romy and Michelle would practice their modern ballet together but they haven’t seen Sandy is ten years. This is amazing.

“Need You Tonight” / INXS / Coyote Ugly (2000)

I am embarrassed to admit that I saw this movie, but this scene is seared into my memory. Adam Garcia was so hot but some of the moves he pulls are questionable. I have no clue what’s up with flinging his head side to side; it’s ridiculous.


This isn’t a ha-ha funny dance, but I find the concept hilarious.

“The Rockafeller Skank” / Fatboy Slim / She’s All That (1999)

I have never been to a school dance where everyone suddenly breaks out into choreographed moves. The idea that an entire senior class would learn the same dance is ridiculous, and awesome. But the best part of the whole thing? Freddie Prinze Jr. is one of the dancers and he does not look like he could give less of a shit. BRILLIANT.


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