Hey, Watch This!: Teen Witch

I have a deep, abiding love for the movie Teen Witch. My childhood best friend and I used to watch it every time it came on TV to the point where I could probably sit down and write out the complete script. As a teenager I felt a lot like Louise- a kind of geeky outsider who was generally okay with herself but wanted to go to parties and have a hot football playing boyfriend. Sadly, I did not discover that I was a witch who would gain my powers on my sixteenth birthday, nor did we have hot guys on our football team. I did, however, learn that I am awesome just being myself and by the end of the movie, Louise does too.



I basically summed it up in my intro but to reiterate: Louise Miller is an average teenager who wants to be popular and date Brad, the big man on campus. On her sixteenth birthday she discovers that she is a witch and can use her new-found powers to gain popularity and get the boy.


Robyn Lively as Louise is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life. She is cute as a button and I have a total crush on her. While most girls would become total bitches once they gained powers/popularity, she remains a sweetheart throughout the movie.


The soundtrack is fantastic! The score is jazzy in a completely 80’s way, and the songs are almost all dance music.

  1. “All Washed Up” – Larry Weir
  2. “Dream Lover” – Cathy Car
  3. “Finest Hour” – Cindy Valentine featuring Larry Weir
  4. “High School Blues” – The Puppy Boys
  5. “I Keep on Falling” – Blue Future
  6. “I Like Boys” – Elizabeth & The Weirz
  7. “Get Up and Move” – Cathy Car
  8. “Much too Much” – Cathy Car
  9. “Never Gonna Be” (opening sequence) – Lori Ruso
  10. “Never Gonna Be” (concert version) – Cindy Valentine
  11. “Popular Girl” – Theresa & The Weirz
  12. “Rap” – Philip McKean & Larry Weir
  13. “Shame” – The Weirz
  14. “Top That” – The Michael Terry Rappers
  15. “In Your Arms” – Richard Elliot

The scene where the cheerleaders perform their new cheer and it’s the song “I Like Boys”. The “cheer” includes a bit where two girls pretend to be one giant person. It is super cheesy and I absolutely adore it.


The performance of “Top That”. This rap is the best thing that ever happened to my life. I will bust it out without notice and I bet you will too once you have heard it’s amazingness.

Louise’s outfits. Once she gains her powers, I pretty much want to own all of her clothes. My favorites include the outfit she wears to the first dance (oh yes, there are multiple dances) and the one she wears while studying with Brad.


Jerky teacher as a voodoo doll. Mr. Weaver is a total douchebag. He reads a page from Louise’s diary to her entire English class and makes fun of her for having unused birth control in her purse. Thankfully, he gets his comeuppance when she makes a voodoo doll that actual works. Who hasn’t wanted to do this to at least one of their teachers?

Louise’s brother Richie. He is a gross creep but also hilarious. Pre-powers he is a total nightmare, reading Louise’s diary and eating under her bed. Ew. Post-powers he is terrified of her which results in him bringing her breakfast in bed and ironing her homework. My childhood bestie and I still quote him to each other.

From this…

To this!


Robyn Lively as Louise Miller

  • Jessica Andrews in The Karate Kid, Part III
  • Lana Budding Milford on Twin Peaks
  • Nurse Michele Faber on Doogie Howser, M.D.

Dan Gauthier as Brad Power

  • Kyle Parks on Sisters
  • Dick Harrison on Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Jeff Baylor on Melrose Place

Joshua John Miller as Richie Miller

  • Tim in River’s Edge
  • Josh Carson in And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird

Mandy Ingber as Polly Goldenberg-Cohen

  • Annie Tortelli on Cheers
  • Robin Kellerman on Dirty Dancing

Zelda Rubenstein as Madame Serena

  • Tangina in Poltergeist
  • Organist in Sixteen Candles
  • Dr. Katarina Kuntzler in Southland Tales

Lisa Fuller as Randa

  • Stacy in Baby Boom
  • Toni on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Megan A. Gallivan as Kiki

  • Jenna in Flour Babies
  • Cindy Campbell on Married People


The complete movie is available to watch on youtube. Enjoy!


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  1. Awesome! This movie will always remind me of you. Top that!!!

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