Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.10 The Turning Point

Logan is unable to convince Jenna to invite him into the Gilbert house. He is surprised to find that she was sent an email from him after he died. Good for Jenna, sticking up for herself. She ends up slamming the door in his undead face. He finds a jogger named Daphne to feed off of.

Jonathan Gilbert’s diary is read by Jeremy in voice over. Worst ever. Jonathan was afraid of the night, as night brought death. Jeremy is inspired by the creepy drawings of demons in Jonathan’s journal, so he gets out his pencils and starts sketching. Elena sees this and gets super excited, rushing to tell Jenna. Elena is bummed that Stefan hasn’t tried to contact her. Jenna tells Elena that Logan returned.

Jeremy Gilbert, future serial killer.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, the brothers discuss where they ‘ll move to next. Damon suggests they try out for “The Amazing Race” but Stefan wants to get as far away from Damon as he can. The doorbell interrupts their conversation. Sheriff Forbes has come over to talk to Damon about the jogger that was found drained of blood.  The Founder’s Council wants his advice, as he is the only one who has staked a vampire. Stefan uses his creepy super hearing to listen in on their conversation.

It’s Career Night at Mystic Falls High! Matt and Caroline are walking through the hallway, chatting away. Everyone (and by this I mean Tyler, Bonnie, and Elena) has noticed they have been spending time together. Bonnie tells Elena she is still freaked out that Damon attacked her but is grateful Stefan saved her. They talk about Stefan and his noble plan to leave town to protect Elena.

Sheriff Forbes leaves the Salvatore Boarding House and Stefan attacks Damon, assuming he killed the jogger. Damon tells him there is another vampire in town. Stefan asks what they’re going to do about it and Damon is awesome when he tells him to leave it to the adults.

Elena runs into Stefan as she leaves school; he tells her they need to talk. Meanwhile, Matt and Tyler are playing basketball. Matt is in a tank top and I may be in love. Tyler asks what’s up with him and Caroline. He is fantastic, describing the term “we people”. Stefan tells Elena about the new vampire in town.

I hate basketball with a fiery passion but I would watch him play for hours.

Jeremy is drawing super creepy pictures of demons at the Gilbert house. He shows Jenna and tells her about the Jonathan Gilbert journals. She tells him that Jonathan was a writer of short fiction.

Damon has compelled Caroline to help him find the new vamp in town. He has her use the Gilbert watch, which brings them to an old warehouse. He compels her to forget she helped and goes to investigate on his own. NEVER INVESTIGATE!! Logan pops out from behind some shelves and shoots him with a bunch of wooden bullets. He remembers Damon killing him, but doesn’t know who turned him. Logan is kind of insane. He has been killing people and hiding their bodies in the warehouse.

Mystic Falls citizens are milling around at Career Night, including Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood. Sheriff Forbes is slightly awesome when she says, “For once we know where our kids are.” Thank you. Tyler and Jeremy meet at an art booth where Jeremy makes fun of Tyler. Tyler walks off, leaving his art portfolio behind. Matt and Elena reminisce about childhood. Matt wanted to be an astronaut and wore tinfoil on his head. Adorable. Matt asks Elena if her and Stefan are broken up. Elena asks him about Caroline but he says they’re just friends. They seem to be having a real moment until Stefan shows up.

Oh, please continue to ruin all the moments.

Back at the warehouse, Logan wonders why he is so emotional and why he keeps thinking about Jenna. He wants to, “be with her, and bite her and stuff.” Damon tells him this means that he loves her. Logan wants to know why Damon can walk in the sun but he refuses to answer. Logan tells him that every member of the Founder’s Council has journals that have been passed down by their ancestors. He leaves the warehouse but not before shooting Damon with more wooden bullets to slow him down.

Stefan is stalking watching out for Elena at Career Night. He tells her he wanted to be a doctor when he was a human but couldn’t because of the blood. Elena is a little bratty as Stefan tries to tell her a bit about his past. She keeps making faces when he tells her he has always had to leave the things he loved before people could notice that he wasn’t aging. Elena doesn’t want to talk about her future with Stefan if he isn’t going to be a part of it. Jenna shows up and tells them that Logan is there. Stefan finds him in the hallway and they make menacing faces. Logan tries asking Stefan how he walks in the daylight. When Stefan won’t share, he threatens to expose him. Stefan is awesome telling Logan that HE can’t walk in the sun and better not threaten him again. Elena asks Jenna for a verbatim recap of her earlier visit from Logan. She tells her not to talk to Logan ever again. Ric shows up and Elena takes off.

Damon calls Stefan and tells him about Logan shooting him. It’s hard for me to pay attention to what he’s saying because his shirt is off. Stefan tells him Logan is at the school which prompts Damon to rush on over.

Unable to focus on anything but shirtlessness.

Caroline leads her mom to the broadcast journalism booth. Sheriff Forbes is the worst mom ever, not giving her the slightest bit of encouragement. Caroline has the perfect perky personality to be a reporter. Logan confronts Liz (Sheriff Forbes has a first name!) about the emails sent out after he died. He’s pissed that they sent out fake emails? Get over it already. Logan tells her to watch her back before taking off.

Jeremy tries to make small talk with Tyler about art. Tyler is awesome when he points out that only thing they have in common is banging the same chick. Jeremy gets all riled up and slams him into the lockers. Mayor Lockwood and Ric rush to break up the fight. Mayor Lockwood takes them outside as “all fights should end in a handshake”.

Caroline is offered a ride home by Logan and she foolishly gets in the car. This is what happens when you keep secrets. When Caroline goes to strap her seat belt, Logan smashed her head against the window, resulting in blood. It’s not pretty.

Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

Inside, Elena and Stefan ask Matt if he has seen Logan. He tells them that Logan just gave Caroline a ride home. Outside, Mayor Lockwood wants Tyler and Jeremy to throw up fisticuffs. The boys aren’t into it but the Mayor is super aggressive and creepy, shoving Tyler around. Ric arrives and wants to know what’s going on. He is AMAZING, calling the Mayor a douche bag and threatening him.

Logan calls Liz and tells her he is going to turn Caroline into a vampire. When he pauses at a stop sign, Stefan rips him out of the car and Damon shoots him full of wooden bullets. Stefan takes off with Caroline while Damon tortures Logan with a tire iron. Damon wants to know who turned him. Logan tells him someone else wants to break into the tomb under the church. As Liz shows up, they fake Logan overtaking Damon and escaping.

Stefan returns to Career Night after he drops Caroline at home. He uses the events of tonight to illustrate why they shouldn’t be together. Elena offers to drive him home. Outside, Jeremy tries to bond with Tyler over his father. Tyler slugs him and tells him to leave.

Elena and Stefan pull up to the Salvatore Boarding House. She tells him how her life sucked before he showed up, what with her dead parents and all. Stefan tells her that he is leaving for her and gets out of the car. She chases after him telling him that he can’t make that decision for her. She knows what she wants, and she busts out the L word. This seems to be the magic word he has been waiting to hear because he turns around and initiates some serious making out. They take it inside, pausing when Stefan begins to vamp out. He tries to turn away but Elena won’t let him. She rubs his veiny eyes (SO GROSS) and goes in for more smooching. They take it upstairs, finally have the hot vampire sex Lexi mentioned last episode.

This is what is referred to as a deal breaker.

Logan has retreated back to his warehouse before meeting with Damon at Fell’s Church. As he goes to leave Ric appears. Logan thinks he is there to threaten him on Jenna’s behalf, which is almost right. He tells him that Jenna deserves the best, then stakes Logan.

Tyler asks Matt for a ride home. Matt is super awesome, telling him that he likes Caroline and to stop his “little bromance bitch act.” My heart cannot contain all the love I feel for Matt Donovan.

Sheriff Forbes is very sweet, watching Caroline sleeping in a loving (not creepy) fashion.

Elena and Stefan are sickeningly sweet, have post-coital cuddles. Stefan leaves to get her some water while she snoops around his room. She finds a picture of Katherine lying on the table and freaks out, bailing.

The calm before the storm.

Damon receives a call from Sheriff Forbes while waiting at Fell’s Church, thanking him for killing Logan. Damon doesn’t correct her when she says the town owes him.

Stefan returns to his bedroom to find Elena’s vervain necklace resting on Katherine’s picture. Stupid girl. Be mad or creeped out or whatever, but don’t put yourself in jeopardy.

Elena is speeding down the road, all emotional, when suddenly she hits someone in the road! Her car goes head over heels, settling upside down. The man from the road gets up and walks toward a screaming Elena.


Jogger Daphne, Logan Fell (again), Unknown bodies in warehouse


“Chances” by Five for Fighting. Jeremy begins drawing again.

“Coast of Columbia” by Telekinesis. Matt and Tyler play basketball.

“Off Track” by The Features. Career Night at Mystic Falls; Elena and Matt reminisce.

“Cut” by Plumb. Elena and Stefan have sex.

“This Is Beautiful” by Tyrone Well. Matt gives Tyler a ride home; Elena and Stefan cuddle.


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