Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.09 History Repeating

Bonnie is sitting in geometry, falling asleep. I totally don’t blame her. Worst subject ever. She sees a person pass by the door and enters the hallway. Standing behind some lockers is Emily Bennett, her witchy ancestor. She exits a door and enters some woods with random gravestones. Emily is standing in the ruins of an old building. She asks for her help and introduces herself. She says that they are where it started and where it has to end. Bonnie wakes up back in math class; she was just dreaming. She is bitchy to the student on her right, and when she turns to her left, it’s Emily! Bonnie is terrified when she wakes up in the old cemetery and seriously, who can blame her? That is some serious somnambulism.

Caroline and Elena are talking about Bonnie as they walk into school. Caroline is pissed that Bonnie won’t return her necklace. Elena tells her she is staying out of it. Caroline asks if she has seen Stefan but Elena tells her that he has been voiding her. Elena enters the building and Caroline see Matt. They exchange hellos but he quickly walks off. Bonnie rushes into history as the bell rings. She is followed by the new, very handsome teacher. His name is Alaric Saltzman. Worst name ever. He gives a quick history on his name, asking the students to call him Ric. I’m glad he hates it too.

Hello salty goodness.

Damon wakes a seriously ripped Stefan at the Salvatore Boarding House. With abs like those, he should never wear a shirt. Damon offers him a cup of blood as a peace offering. He apologizes for killing Lexi and tells Stefan he won’t drink from a human for at least a week. The boys mimic each other and it is adorable. I love when the Salvatore boys act brotherly toward one another.

Bonnie tells Elena about her sleepwalking/Emily dreaming over lunch. We were never allowed to have outside lunch at my high school! Boo hiss. Bonnie thinks that she is being haunted. She tells Elena that the necklace used to be Emily’s and she thinks that she is using it as a talisman to contact Bonnie. Elena suggests that she call Grams for advice, but Bonnie knows she’ll just tell her to embrace it which she isn’t feeling at this exact moment.

Jeremy uses his lunch break to interrupt Ric eating his sandwich. Jeremy is in serious need of a haircut. He has this gross emo swoop going on that is the opposite of flattering. Ric tells him that Mr. Tanner used to keep a jackass file, in which Jeremy was heavily featured. He throws the folder away, telling Jeremy that he has a clean slate. In order to improve his failing grade, he wants Jeremy to write a research paper for extra credit. It can be any local history, as long as it doesn’t involve searching Wikipedia. As they shake hands, Jeremy notices the Ric has a bulky ring of his very own. Uh oh.

Caroline sees Matt while she’s leaving school and they exchange another round of heys. This time Caroline isn’t having it, berating him for sneaking out after a night of cuddling and only saying hey to her. He is awesome, telling her he left because he heard Sheriff Forbes and didn’t want to get her into trouble; also, he’s always said hey to her and she shouldn’t read into it. I fully support these two becoming a couple.

The girl has pluck!

Elena exits the school and finds Stefan, who is sitting on a picnic table waiting for her. Her happiness is short lived. He tells her that he didn’t kill Damon and he’s dropping out of school. She’s angry when they break up for the umpteenth time. Meanwhile, Damon is following Bonnie, demanding that she return his necklace. When she tries to threaten him, he offers to help her with Emily. He knows that she is using the crystal to communicate. He tells Bonnie he’ll get it one way or another and asks her to tell Emily that “a deal is a deal.”

Bonnie tells Elena about Damon on the ride home from school. Elena invites her to stay over at her house so she won’t be alone. What is the deal with these crappy parents in Mystic Falls who are always leaving their children alone? Bonnie freaks and pulls over the car, chucking the necklace into a field. She feels a lot lighter now that she won’t have to deal with Emily.

At the Mystic Grill, Jenna is hardcore creeping on Ric, watching him read at a table. She says she’s sworn off men but Jeremy offers to introduce them.

Stefan arrives at the Gilbert house. Elena has asked him to come over to discuss Damon and the necklace. She tells him that it belonged to Bonnie’s ancestor who was in Mystic Falls during the Civil War. Stefan puts all the pieces together. Emily was Katherine’s hand maiden/ witch. The necklace was a gift from Katherine to Emily. Stefan tells her he will talk to Damon and figure out what he wants with it.

Back at the Grill, Jenna suggests that Jeremy write his paper on his family. Apparently his father kept family documents dating back to the Mayflower. His father, it seems, was quite the history buff. Jeremy says hello to Ric as he passes by their table and introduces him to Jenna. There are definite vibes between them. Stefan finds Damon drinking alone at the bar and suggests they give their friendship another chance. Damon does another imitation of Stefan and it’s delightful. The boys get their drink on!

Elena, Caroline and Bonnie are having girl bonding time at the Gilbert house. Caroline apologizes to Bonnie and tells her to keep the ugly-ass necklace. She took the words right out of my mouth. Bonnie tells her she threw it away because she was having nightmares. Caroline goes to grab a manicure kit from Bonnie’s bag and finds the necklace. Elena and Bonnie are justifiably spooked. Caroline and Bonnie get into an argument over whether the other girls exclude Caroline and if she listens or not.

At the Mystic Grill, Jenna grabs a drink at the bar with Ric. She tells him about her past with Logan the Liar. He tells her that his wife died and the police haven’t figured out how. This is the worst meet-cute I’ve ever seen. On the other side of the bar the Salvatore boys are throwing darts and poking fun at each other. It is 100% adorable.

Please tell me more about your dead wife.

Back at the Gilbert house, Caroline apologizes to Bonnie for not believing her when she said she was a witch. She didn’t know how real the magic stuff was, and she gives her the necklace once and for all. They decide to hold a seance to communicate with Emily. The trio gets spooked as the candles flare up and a cool breeze blows through. They ask for another sign and a window blows open. Bonnie rips off the necklace and throws it on the floor right as the candles blow out. When Elena turns the lights on, the necklace is gone.

Damon and Stefan have moved from the bar to the football field. Damon is awesome, reminding Stefan that he was the one that taught him how to play football. Stefan kills the mood by talking about Katherine; he thinks that she compelled them to love her. Damon shuts down that convo pretty quickly so Stefan cuts to the chase. He tells Damon he knows about the crystal and wants to know why he wants it. He tells Damon he was the last one to see Katherine on her final night. Damon makes the saddest face ever but quickly recovers. He plans to bring Katherine back.

Oh, to be in that field.

At the Gilbert house, Elena and Bonnie accuse Caroline of taking the necklace. She convinces them that she didn’t do it. While searching Bonnie finds the necklace on the bathroom floor .When she goes to retrieve it, the door closes behind her, trapping her. The girls are all frightened, screaming as the lights flicker on and off. The bathroom door suddenly unlocks and Bonnie is standing with her head in her hands. We see her reflection in the mirror and Emily is in her body!

As they walk through the streets, Stefan asks Damon exactly how he plans to bring Katherine back. On the night that she was killed, Damon asked Emily to perform a spell to protect her. While they thought Katherine was being burned in the church with the other vampires, she was really sealed in a tomb beneath it. A comet was passing overhead the night of the fire and Emily used it as part of her spell. Because of this Damon had to wait until the comet returned to undo the spell. Part of the deal with Emily was to make sure her lineage survived, which means Damon cannot hurt Bonnie.

Caroline is ready to leave the Gilbert house, accusing the other girls of tricking her. Bonnie/Emily is speaking in a strangely stilted manner, tipping Elena off that something isn’t right. She says she is going back to where it all begin to destroy the crystal. She tries to seal them in the house but Jeremy is able to open the door from the outside. Elena freaks out and calls Stefan, telling him that Bonnie is possessed by Emily and is probably headed for Fell’s Church, the place Bonnie has been dreaming about. Damon eavesdrops on the conversation and speeds off to find her. Damon and Bonnie/Emily meet in the woods. She tells him that she must destroy the crystal to protect her family. Damon tries to attack her but she sends him flying into a tree, where he is impaled by a branch.

Jeremy is surprised to see Jenna enter the house with Ric in tow. They seem to be having some kind of competition over who has had the more pathetic life. It’s not sexy. At all. Ric lurks in the doorway and Jenna almost invites him in but decides against it due to Jeremy. He leaves without a fuss and Jenna goes to help Jeremy look through his father’s boxes. Jeremy comes across the journal of Jonathan Gilbert, conveniently started in 1864.

Jenna certainly knows how to get her flirt on.

Back at Fell’s Church, Stefan helps pull Damon off the tree branch. Bonnie/Emily greets Stefan and tells him that “they” cannot be unleashed unto the world. Stefan if confused and looks to Damon for answers. In order to save Katherine, she had to save all of the vampires that were in the church. Bonnie/Emily uses her powers to create a pentacle made of fire. She uses it to make the crystal explode and vanishes from Bonnie’s body. Damon, devastated, attacks Bonnie, biting her throat. Stefan rips him off and feeds her his blood to heal her wounds.

Caroline is greeted by Matt sneaking in through her bedroom window, giving her a massive scare. He tells her that when they cuddled in bed, it creeped him out. He has never liked Caroline but found their cuddling to be nice. He stayed over because they have a lot in common; they are both sad and lonely.

Meanwhile, Damon sits in the wood, teary-eyed. He tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled him. He knew she was a vampire, but loved her any way. Now that he has no way of bringing her back, he’ll leave Mystic Falls. At the car, Bonnie is upset about Damon attacking her. Physically she’s fine but emotionally she’s a wreck. Elena tells Stefan that she is going to tell Bonnie the truth, and also that she wants to be with him. He tells her he can’t do it; he’s leaving town.

It’s Damon turn to feel all the feels.

Montage time! Jenna rips up a photo of her and Logan. Caroline and Matt settle into bed with snacks. Damon looks devastated in the woods. Stefan cries and throws his diary across the room. Elena tells Bonnie the truth about Stefan and has a sad.

At the Gilbert house, the doorbell rings. Jenna opens the door to find Logan (!) who asks her to invite him in.



“Think I Need It Too” by Echo and the Bunnymen. Caroline and Elena talk about Bonnie on the way into school.

“Lies” by Pablo Sebastian. Bonnie throws Damon’s crystal into a field.

“Post Electric” by Idlewild. Jeremy offers to introduce Jenna to Alaric.

“The Spectator” by The Bravery. Damon imitates Stefan at the Mystic Grill.

“Houses” by Great Northern. Jenna and Alaric talk at the Grill.

“Come Back When You Can by Barcelona. Montage- everyone feels all the feelings.


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