Desert Island: Five Songs

I recently posed a question to myself (because I’m a weirdo): what if I was on that proverbial desert island and could only listen to five songs? Then I took it a step further. What if I was allowed one song to listen to all year, and one song for each corresponding season?

I gave it some serious thought (this is the type of thing that keeps me awake at night) and here is what I came up with:

All Year Long
“I Miss You” / Incubus (1999)
This song is nice and short, it’s full of love and a little loneliness, and it encapsulates how I imagine I would be feeling if I were on a desert island. Plus, it’s the number one played song on my iPod so I doubt I’d get sick of it.

Summer Song
“Summer Breeze” / Seals and Crofts (1972)
This song makes me think about taking a long summer drive with the windows down. I probably wouldn’t have a car on the desert island, so the memory of driving in one would be nice. The song is very relaxing and helps me get into a laid-back state of mind. Also, it features a child’s toy piano. How could you NOT want a song with a toy piano?

Fall Song
“Bandages” / Hot Hot Heat (2003)
First, the obvious: this song is about bandages, which makes me think of mummies, which makes me think of Halloween, which is the only reason fall exists. Second, one of my brother’s childhood friends heard this song in our car and thought the band was singing about Beetlejuice. Amazing.

Winter Song
“Invalid Litter Dept.” / At the Drive-In (2001)
The logic behind this one is as follows: sometimes I get depressed and when I’m depressed I like to listen to sad music and just wallow in it. This song is just so sad. It makes me feel the feels in a most serious way.

Spring Song
“Six Different Ways” / The Cure (1985)
The first time I heard this song was while watching The Rules of Attraction. The scene is of a college campus with students walking around, skateboarding, doing yoga. All that normal college stuff. When I arrived at my college campus, I felt like I was transported to the movie. It was a gorgeous, very green campus with students outside almost 24/7. Every time I would exit my dorm, this song would play in my head. All the greenness of the trees and the vibrant life makes me think of the world reawakening after a long winter, making this my perfect spring song.

I hope I never have to do this in real life. I must have started to write about at least five different songs in each category before arriving at my final choices. This game sucks.


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