Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.06 Lost Girls

Elena voice over about how she’s not a believer, magic doesn’t exist, etc. She gave the same speech at the end of the last episode. She rushes over to Stefan’s and paces outside of the front door. He grabs a stake inside and opens the door to- FLASHBACK!

MYSTIC FALLS, 1864- Stefan, in a horribly dorky outfit, goes outside to greet an approaching carriage. Two young women emerge, one of which is Katherine Pierce. She truly is Elena in period garb.

The only thing worse than his outfit is his hair.

PRESENT DAY- Elena demands to know what Stefan is. He says she already knows or she wouldn’t be there, which, you know, is a valid point. She asks again what he is. He makes a lot of pained faces before telling her that he is a vampire. She tries to flee the scene but Stefan super speeds in front of her, asking her not to be afraid and telling her there are things she needs to know. She freaks and bolts out as fast as she can.

At the Gilbert house, Emo Jeremy is listening to his headphones while Elena is tweaking. Stefan appears out of nowhere and traps her in her room. Just a tip Stefan, don’t trap someone if you don’t want them to be afraid of you. He tells her he would never hurt her, and she’s safe with him. When she asks if he is behind the “animal attacks”, he tells her it is Damon; he doesn’t drink human blood. He begs her not to tell anyone for her safety. She asks him to leave and I can feel his pain. I will give Stefan one thing- the boy knows how to convey sadness. He leaves and she makes a big deal about locking the window. Relax sweetie. If he hasn’t tried to kill you already, I’ll doubt he’ll start now.

Damon is feeding off of Vicki’s loser friends in the cemetery. It looks like he’s drained every last one. He pickpockets the kids until he finds a phone. He calls Stefan, demands his daylight ring, and blames him for everything he’s done since he escaped. Stefan tells him he needs time to get the ring. Damon threatens to go after Elena if it doesn’t happen fast. As Damon is cleaning up his mess, Vicki begins coughing. She lives!

Elena is having a hard time falling asleep. Maybe she can feel that Stefan is creeping on her front porch and gazing longingly at her window?

The next morning she meets Stefan outside the Mystic Grill so he can tell her everything. He dispels the normal vamp tropes: he can eat garlic, crucifixes and holy water are fine, and he has a reflection. He tells her Damon is much stronger because he partakes in human blood while Stefan only drinks from animals. She asks if there are others and he tells her not in Mystic Falls. He tries to get her to promise to keep his secret but she won’t, but gives him one day to convince her otherwise.

Logan and Sheriff Forbes are at the cemetery, surrounding by dead stoners. Forbes insists it was a vamp attack even though the bodies were all burned. Logan tells her he got the Gilbert watch. An officer finds Vicki’s wallet in some bushes.

Damon is trapped at the Salvatore Boarding House without his ring. Good thing he brought Vicki home to keep him company. He makes her drink his blood so she’ll stop bleeding on his couch. I love this man.

Basically the most adorable face I have ever seen.

Stefan has Elena drive him through the woods to the ruins of the old Salvatore Manor. She asks how long he’s been a vampire and he tells her he was turned at the age of 17 in 1864. That blows. Who wants to live on the cusp of adulthood for eternity? Elena is noticeably wigged but Stefan tells her he isn’t going to hold anything back.

1864- Stefan and Damon (wearing a hilarious hat) burst out of the Salvatore Manor carrying a football. They are adorable passing the ball back and forth. Also, besties. It makes watching their relationship now so much harder when you see the camaraderie they used to have. Katherine steals their ball and runs away, both boys chasing after her.

PRESENT- Elena is shocked to find that Stefan knew Katherine in 1864. She is pretty good at mental math figuring the brothers were in love with the same girl 145 years ago.

1864- Stefan is chasing Katherine through the gardens. Damon is dressed in a VERY handsome Civil War uniform. Apparently he is playing hookey from battle. Katherine is obnoxious, but gets both brothers to ask her to the Founder’s Ball. Score!

Why can’t all Civil War reenactments look this good?

PRESENT- Stefan tells Elena that Katherine chose him as her escort. At the Salvatore Boarding House, Vicki comes bounding out of the shower. Damon tells her he drank her blood in the cemetery, killed her friends, brought her to the house, and made her drink his blood. He then compels her to party with him. They exchange more blood. Is it wrong to think that she’s lucky?

1864- Katherine and Stefan are getting it on. He promises to love her forever. Guys will say anything to get some. She vamps out and bites him. The next morning he awakens in her bed, his neck covered in blood. Katherine is being dressed by her servant. She compels Stefan to not be afraid of her and continue as they have been.

PRESENT- Stefan tells Elena that Katherine controlled his and Damon’s minds and compelled them not to tell each other. He retrieves Damon’s daylight ring from the ruins. Elena begs him to keep it hidden but Stefan tells her Damon will lash out by hurting him.

Sheriff Forbes meets with Mayor Lockwood while he retrieves a safe under some floorboards. The dead bodies have been ID’d. Logan comes in with the Gilbert watch. Mayor Lockwood pops out the watch face and pulls a compass out of a wooden box that he retrieved from the safe. He puts it into the watch case and says, “It’s ready.”

Vicki is dancing around the Salvatore Boarding house in her underpants, discussing the difference between Tyler and Jeremy with Damon while he drinks. She knows Tyler just considers her a piece of ass while Jeremy thinks of her as something more. Damon then dances and it is sexy and amazing.

As things start to wind down, Damon and Vicki slow dance while she cries all over his shoulder. Her life is in ruins and she has no self-esteem. So Damon snaps her neck.

But she rises. Damon tells her she is dead but must feed to complete the process of turning into a vampire. If I was going to create a vampire I don’t think I’d choose the impulsive drug addict. Vicki tries to brush him off, thinking they’re wasted. Vicki says she’s going home and Damon tells her she should go to Jeremy’s house and say hi to Elena and Stefan for him.

Logan, Sheriff Forbes and an unnamed cop meet in the woods. Logan has the modified Gilbert watch and a gun loaded with wooden bullets. The cop also hands him a stake. Vampire Slayer Logan is reporting for duty.

Vicki takes Damon’s advice and shows up at the Gilbert house complaining of sun sensitivity. She’s starving, and also freaking out. Jeremy thinks she’s high and is disappointed. Kid, what did you expect? Let’s be realistic here.

Stefan helps Elena into her car. She asks him if he ever used mind control on her. He explains that her ugly locket is full of vervain that protects her from compulsion and, by extension, Damon’s influence. He tells her she should never take off the necklace, even if she chooses not to be with him.

Matt shows up at the Gilbert’s to retrieve Vicki. She complains that her gums are hurting and displays super hearing. They see a news report about the dead bodies found at the cemetery. Jeremy and Matt want to know what happened the previous night. Vicki freaks and shoves Jeremy into a couch. Stefan and Elena arrive and he instantly recognizes what’s going on. Jeremy and Matt take her up to bed while Stefan tells Elena she is transitioning. He correctly deduces that Damon is the cause. He tells Elena that if Vicki doesn’t feed on human blood she will die.

Upstairs Vicki apologizes to Jeremy for being trouble. They hug it out and she cries on his shoulder. She begins kissing his neck and becomes uncomfortable when the bloodlust kicks in. She rushes past a concerned Matt, vanishing into the street. Stefan offers to track her.

Logan is using the modified Gilbert watch as a compass in the woods. When it points north he makes a phone call to Sheriff Forbes. They head toward the cemetery.

Still better looking than the crystal or Elena’s locket.

Back at the Gilbert house, Jeremy and Elena are cleaning up the mess Vicki made in the kitchen. Jeremy is concerned because he doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Damon rings the bell and Elena tries to slam the door in his face. Silly girl, you already invited him in! He enters the house looking for Stefan. He tells Elena he isn’t going to kill her now because it doesn’t serve his “greater agenda”. She tells him that Stefan is looking for Vicki. He seems to think Vicki will thank him for being turned. Elena asks if he thanked Katherine. He has a sad for a moment but shakes it off.

Stefan tracks Vicki to the cemetery where he finds her crying. She is starting to remember everything that she was compelled to forget. Stefan apologizes for Damon. She asks him what will happen if she doesn’t feed. Stefan tells her he can help. Vicki wants to know if being a vampire is better. She asks him to take her home but Logan shows up and shoots Stefan with his wooden bullet. As Logan goes to stake him, Damon shows up and rips a hole into Logan’s throat. He pulls the bullet out of Stefan’s chest in exchange for his daylight ring. Vicki isn’t able to resist the free flowing blood and drinks from Logan. She apologizes to Stefan and runs away. Damon takes the modified Gilbert watch and splits too. Sheriff Forbes finds Logan’s body in the woods. She seems most concerned about finding the watch.

So much angst, so little time.

Stefan shows up at Elena’s and tells her that Vicki is beginning to transition. He promises to help Vicki adopt his lifestyle and prevent her killing. Elena wants to know what she’s supposed to say to Jeremy and Matt. All Stefan can do it apologize. She tells Stefan that she will keep his secret but can’t be with him. She goes inside the house and has the biggest sad, feeling all the feels.


Tony, Summer, Jared, Vicki Donovan (sort of), Logan Fell


“Stood Up” by A Fine Frenzy. Elena and Stefan meet at Mystic Grill to talk about vampires.

“Weight of the World” by Editors. Damon feeds Vicki his blood.

“Fader” by Temper Trap. Damon tells Vicki what happened in the cemetery.

“Enjoy the Silence” by Anberlin. Damon dances with Vicki around the house.

“21 Guns” by Green Day. Damon and Vicki slow dance; Damon kills Vicki.

“Down” by Jason Walker. Elena tells Stefan she can’t be with him.


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