Look What I Made: Valentines

So I got it into my head a few weeks ago to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards. I would like to start by saying this is not normal behavior for me. My mother is the one who LOVES Valentine’s Day, decorating the house and giving us more presents than on Christmas. I guess I caught her spirit because I spent hours feverishly (I had the flu, so this is literal) making cards for my loved ones. Because no one likes patting me on the back more than I do, I decided to share them.

Mom Valentine

My mom is a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh. She has books, snow globes, book ends, etc. I tried to dull the NEON pink and orange with a white paint pen, and while I’m not 100% happy with the results, it looks much better than it did.

Matty Valentine

As a big sister, I’ve gotten to introduce my younger siblings to tons of new things. One of the best has been the series “Summer Heights High”. If you haven’t watched it, check it out because Chris Lilley is a genius. My favorite character on the show is a foul-mouthed teenager names Jonah. Naturally, my eighteen year old brother finds his hilarious as well. The quote on the card comes from a scene between Jonah and his father. It’s amazing.

Evan Valentine

I originally saw this card on Etsy in SouthernPestPrint’s shop. I wanted to put my own spin on it, and this is what I came up with.

Lydia Valentine

I love Pitch Perfect and I especially love the character Fat Amy. I had a hell of a time making both sides of the heart even, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

All in all I’m super pumped with what I consider to be a successful undertaking. Next year- homemade Jurassic Park valentines for everyone!


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