Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.04 Family Ties

Elena is awoken by a strange noise in the house. She goes downstairs to investigate and finds the TV has been turned on. The anchor is reporting on the latest animal attack, of which Elena is the victim! Damon stalks her through the house, popping up behind closed doors, eventually ripping her throat open. But, it is all a nightmare that Damon is inflicting on Stefan. Stefan responds by throwing a knife into Damon’s chest. Damon tells Stefan he brought a mountain lion in to cover his tracks as he wants to stay around a while. He is awesome as he tells Stefan why he doesn’t have to compel girls to like him:

“Believe it or not, Stefan, some girls don’t need my persuasion. Some girls just can’t resist my good looks, my style and my charm and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.”

Then he stabs him. Brotherly love. In voice over Stefan talks about how Damon is the real monster and he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to stop him.

At the Gilbert House, Jenna is watching the news and insulting the reporter, Logan Fell. He is the same reporter from Elena’s dream. He is also the reason Jenna moved away from Mystic Falls. Elena shows Jenna some family antiques that she retrieved for the Founder’s Council Heritage Display. Jeremy comes in and is bratty about loaning out the jewelry that he could be pawning on eBay. Stefan arrives and Elena sneaks him upstairs for some serious making out. His eyes go all veiny and he has to break things off. Elena uses the opportunity to make a date with him to go to the Founder’s Party.

Meanwhile, Damon is helping Caroline decide which dress to wear to the party. He compels her to bring him as her date. Damon is awesome as he insults Twilight and the unrealistic vampires. She asks him if his bites will turn her into a vampire and he assures her they won’t. Then she asks if he’s going to kill her to which he replies, “Not yet.” She actually smiles after he says this. Girl has probs.

“You’re going to kill me later? Oh babe!”

Tyler is at The Grill having lunch with his parents, Mayor and Mrs. Lockwood. Vicki is pissed he won’t make eye contact with her as she waits on his table. On the other side of the fireplace, Caroline and Bonnie are discussing the Founder’s Party and Damon. Bonnie refers to him as “Older, Sexy, Danger Guy” which is probably the only awesome thing she’ll ever do. Caroline tells Bonnie that Damon isn’t dangerous, officially securing her the Biggest Idiot award. Tyler tries to make up for being a douche by asking Vicki to the Founder’s Party. Jeremy is a jealous dick, scolding her about making “the wrong choices”. Because banging an underage drug dealer qualifies as a good choice?

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Zach and Damon have a chat about why Damon is in Mystic Falls that ends with Damon’s hand around Zach’s throat. Zach is pissed that Stefan can’t control Damon because he isn’t strong enough. Zach suggests having Damon ingest vervain to weaken him and shows Stefan the secret stash he has been growing.

Tyler shows up at the Gilbert house to pick up the antiques for the Heritage Display. He tells Jeremy that he really likes Vicki but Jer isn’t having it. While nail painting in the kitchen, Bonnie tells Elena the secret Caroline shared with her at The Grill- Katherine chose Damon over Stefan, Stefan lost it and did everything in his power to turn her against Damon. Elena points out that this is Damon’s side of the story and it doesn’t sound like Stefan. Elena, of course, being an expert in Stefan. She did, after all, meet him a whole two and a half weeks ago.

Meanwhile, at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan and Damon are dressing for the Founder’s Party. Damon walks around shirtless and it is glorious.

He had to compel Caroline to ask him to the party?

Back to the Gilbert House where Elena receives a call from Mrs. Lockwood. The pocket watch she promised for the Heritage Display is missing from the box Tyler picked up earlier. Elena storms into Jeremy’s room and accuses him of stealing it to sell for weed money. He tells her that as the first born Gilbert son it should be his, but returns the watch anyway and tells her to get out.

At the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon and Stefan discuss Katherine. Damon admits to being jealous that Katherine and Stefan were “the perfect couple” but goes on to say that while they were keeping it PG, her and Damon were hitting the sheets in secret. Classy guy. Damon goes to have a drink of scotch but instead dumps it on the floor, accusing Stefan of spiking the bottle with vervain. Damon is awesome when he tells Stefan he’s not a sorority chick. He then leaves for the party with vague threats of potential violence.

Finally the Founder’s Party begins. Vicki arrives but Tyler takes her through a side door so he won’t have to introduce her to his parents even though Mrs. Lockwood totally saw them. I’m pretty sure Vicki has the lowest self-esteem ever.

Yet again at the Salvatore Boarding House, Zach apologizes to Stefan. Apparently it was his plan to put vervain in Damon’s favorite scotch. Nice job Zach. All you did was make Damon pour out perfectly good liquor. Stefan knew that Damon wouldn’t fall for the plan but thinks that his defenses will be lowered.  Meanwhile at the Gilbert’s, Elena wordlessly returns the pocket watch to Jeremy.

Mrs. Lockwood greets Caroline and Damon, officially inviting him into the Lockwood Mansion. Damon is charming, offering his arm to Caroline. She sees her mother (the sheriff) and is supremely bitchy about the fact that she is wearing her uniform rather than haute couture. She is one to talk. Were mirrors not available when she tied that atrocious flower around her neck? Elena and Stefan enter the party and I must say Elena’s dress is gorgeous, especially when compared to Caroline’s.

Finest party attire?

Stefan and Elena check out the Heritage Display while Jenna wanders around boozing it up. She runs into Logan and is delightfully snarky. Elena reads the guest registry from the first Founder’s Council Celebration, signed by Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Bizarre right? Damon pops up to inform her those were the “original” Salvatore brothers. Caroline borrows Stefan for a dance while Damon apologizes to Elena for trying to kiss her at the football game. Stefan offers Caroline a glass of champagne that she is more than happy to down ASAP. Damon tells Elena about the “other” Stefan and Damon’s deaths- shot, murdered in cold blood over the love of a woman. Elena tells Damon she can’t get in the middle of whatever problems he has with Stefan. If I believed her, I would say this is a smart move.

Outside Vicki asks Tyler to dance, to which he refuses. What is wrong with the guys in Mystic Falls? They act like dancing is akin to having teeth pulled. Vicki is bummed that Tyler doesn’t seem to want to be seen with her. It’s nice to see her stand up for herself. Mrs. Lockwood comes over and introduces herself but a pissed Vicki leaves anyway. Mrs. Lockwood is superb, scolding Tyler for bringing trash to the party.

I’d hide her too if she kept making that face.

Back inside Bonnie sits at a table all by her lonesome. It’s nice to know nobody else likes Bonnie either. She lights a candle with her magical witch powers but freaks and blows it out. Caroline and Stefan are joined by Damon and Elena, and Elena asks Stefan to dance. Damon is super creepy as he watches them.

Jenna bumps into Logan again while getting a beverage refill. This party would drive the sanest person to drink. Logan sympathizes with Jenna over the passing of her sister. He wants a second chance but apparently he is the cheater from Jenna’s past.

On the dance floor, Elena asks Stefan about Katherine. Stefan tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it but she keeps pressing the issue. I have to side with Stefan here. Elena knows that Katherine died in a fire after dating both brothers. Why does she think that he would want to talk about it? Elena gets pissy and storms off the dance floor.

Elena and Bonnie share dessert inside, both feeling guilty about the fight. Bonnie apologizes for planting doubt about Stefan. Elena feels bad about getting in the middle of Stefan and Damon. Some girls would pay money for that privilege. Mrs. Lockwood asks Elena about the missing pocket watch and Elena lies saying she couldn’t find it.

Damon has Caroline stand guard at the door of the Heritage Display when he steals a crystal from an antique box. Meanwhile, Jenna and Logan reunite once again. Logan apologizes for his shitty past behavior and gets Jenna to agree to a lunch date. Bonnie lights a room full of candles WITH HER MIND.

She does not look super pumped.

Caroline and Elena meet in the bathroom while fixing their makeup. Elena sees bruises and bite marks all over Caroline’s body and deduces that Damon is abusing her. Caroline denies everything but is not convincing in the least. Elena confronts Damon, threatening to tell the sheriff about what she saw. She then apologizes to Stefan and tells him about her discovery. Stefan isn’t at all surprised and tells her that he is handling it. When Stefan asks her to trust him, she says, “Trust is earned. I can’t just magically hand it over.” This is officially the smartest thing Elena Gilbert will ever say.

Vicki shows up at the Gilbert house to make “one more wrong choice” and starts macking on Jeremy. Maybe now he’ll cool it with the judgey comments.

Damon drags Caroline away from the party, while she worries about Elena. He calms her and then tries to kill her by ripping into her neck. He drinks deeply and collapses onto the grass. Stefan tells Damon that he spiked Caroline’s drink with vervain and they both disappear. Caroline come to, finding only her purse and the crystal that Damon stole earlier. When Elena finds her, she starts freaking out, not understanding what is going on. Stefan throws Damon in the secret vervain grow room to the tune of a cheesy voice over.

Back at the Lockwood Mansion, Mayor and Mrs. Lockwood, the Sheriff, and Logan discuss the urgent need to find the pocket watch. They know vampires exist and that they are in Mystic Falls!


Damon: “I’m not some drunk sorority chick. You can’t roofie me.”



“Opposite Direction” by Union of Knives. Caroline tries on dresses while Damon tells her about vampires.

“I’m a Lady” by Santogold. Vicki waits on the Lockwoods; Caroline and Bonnie discuss Damon and the Founder’s Party.

“I’m Not Over” by Carolina Liar. Mrs. Lockwood calls Elena; Elena confronts Jeremy about the missing watch.

“Shadows of Ourselves” by Thievery Corporation. Caroline and Damon are greeted by Mrs. Lockwood; Elena and Stefan arrive at the party.

“Back in Time” by VV Brown. Elena and Stefan look at artifacts; Jenna runs into Logan.

“Fallout” by Sofi Bonde. Damon apologizes to Elena; Caroline and Stefan dance.

“Wild Place” by Glass Pear. Mrs. Lockwood introduces herself to Vicki; Bonnie reignites a candle.

“All We Are” by Matt Nathanson. Damon and Caroline watch Stefan and Elena dance; Logan apologizes to Jenna; Elena asks Stefan about Katherine.

“Brightest Hour (Morgan Page Remix)” by The Submarines. Damon takes the crystal; Jenna agrees to lunch with Logan; Bonnie lights all the candles in the room.

“Believer” by Viva Voce. Damon bites Caroline outside of the party.


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