Recap That Noise: Vampire Diaries, 1.02 The Night of the Comet

A couple is camping in the woods amidst the ever-present Mystic Falls fog. The male goes to get something from the car and shortly after the female hears dripping on the tent. She goes to investigate and sees it is blood from her now dead boyfriend’s neck wound. She tries to run to the car but it’s locked. For some reason she thinks yelling at the car will open it. There is a loud swooping sound as she is carried away, screaming.

Elena awakens with a voice over. Today she feels different. Stefan joins in with a voice over of his own. He feels awake. They both share ALL THE FEELINGS.

Stefan just can’t control all the feels.

Elena helps Jenna prep for a parent-teacher conference by insulting her hairstyles. This is the kind of help I am really good at. Jenna tells Elena that Jeremy left early to go to wood shop but surprise! There is no wood shop. He is actually at the hospital making sad eyes at a sleeping Vicki’s back. The nurse kicks him out for being creepy. JK! Visiting hours aren’t until nine.

Stefan and Elena are making googly eyes and smiles at each other during history while Mr. Tanner is discussing a comet. In a move that’s not dickish at all, he asks Stefan and Elena if the class is bothering them. In the hallway Stefan gives Elena a first-edition copy of Wuthering Heights. Someone seriously needs to teach this guy how to pick up girls. You don’t give her an anti-love story, even if it’s her favorite book. Also, don’t date girls whose favorite book is Wuthering Heights.

Bonnie and Caroline are discussing Bonnie’s witch heritage. She rags on her Grams a lot. So the old lady likes to get her drink on. Don’t say it like it’s a bad thing. Caroline asks Bonnie to conjure the name and number of the hottie from last night who we know is Damon. At least Bonnie doesn’t hate on Caroline for being drunk.

Jeremy sees Tyler talking to girls and starts asking him a bunch of questions about Vicki. Tyler threatens to kick his ass and Jeremy comes back pretty hard. He tells Tyler he needs to treat Vicki better or he will be the one receiving an ass kicking. Maybe it’s just me but badass Jeremy is way more attractive than puppy eyes Jeremy.

Matt gives Elena an update on Vicki’s “animal attack” while they walk around campus. Also, he’s been trying to reach his deadbeat Mom to have her come home. Poor Matt. Elena asks what kind of animal attacked while Stefan does his super hearing thing to eavesdrop. Not very becoming Mr. Salvatore. Matt tells Elena that Vicki said she was attacked by a vampire but brushes it off as her being drunk. He heads back to the hospital to visit Vicki.

Jenna is in the parent-teacher conference. And the teacher half is douchey Mr. Tanner. He clues her in that Jeremy is on drugs and insults Jenna’s parenting skills. I don’t know what makes him qualified to be so judgey.

Douche nozzle.

Stefan is walking through the halls of the hospital at the same time Matt goes to see Vicki. She freaks out and Matt leaves to go get a nurse. Stefan hypnotizes her with her eyes, getting her to say that she wasn’t attacked by a vampire but by an animal.  By the time Matt reappears, Stefan is gone and Vicki is asleep. Matt sees Stefan walking through the halls and tries to follow him but Stefan sneaks out of a window.

Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are at The Grill discussing the comet. According to Grams the last comet resulted in murder and mayhem, and created a “bed of paranormal activity”. Caroline brushes it off as Grams being drunk and beings questioning Elena’s night spent talking with Stefan. Caroline is massively creepy as she tries to push Elena into having sex with a guy she met two days ago. You are only 16. Slow your roll.

Why haven’t you banged that stranger yet?

At the Gilbert house, Jenna pounces on Jeremy as he enters the kitchen. She tries to bribe him into talking about drugs with an offer of tacos. This always works on me. The taco as bribe thing, not the talking about drugs thing. Jeremy isn’t buying what she’s selling and takes off while her back is turned at the fridge.

Vicki wakes up in the hospital and decides to celebrate by throwing her pudding cup at a sleeping Matt. Of all the foods, why would you throw the pudding? Throw peas or something else gross. Vicki doesn’t remember the freak out she had earlier so it looks like Stefan’s freaky eye thing worked. Jeremy interrupts them discussing the “animal attack” and Matt leaves the room to give them alone time. Vicki shuts Jeremy down until she learns he found her. I guess once a guy has carried you out of the woods, it’s okay to let people know about your secret summer fling.

Elena goes to the Salvatore Boarding House to see Stefan and just lets herself right on in. A crow flies in after her and Damon appears. Damon is very charming as he invites Elena to sit in the parlor. He makes vague references about being worried about Stefan and whether he’d get over Katherine, “the last one”. No girlfriend since 1864? That explains a lot. Stefan appears and basically kicks Elena out of his house.  Damon takes the opportunity to further taunt Stefan.

Stefan, take notes.

Elena and Jenna are in the Gilbert kitchen discussing Stefan and his girlfriend/family issues. Jenna is awfully young to have had so many screwed up relationships. Or she hit the trifecta with one guy that has mommy/cheating/amphetamine issues. Jeremy walks in and Jenna throws an apple at him? I hope to one day greet my future offspring the same way. Jeremy tries to blow her off again but Jenna is standing strong.

Vicki awakens in the hospital moaning. She washes up in the bathroom and sees Damon appear and disappear in the mirror. She tries to wake a sleeping Matt but he turns into Damon! And it was all a dream!

The Night of the Comet appears to be a real town event. There are fancy banners hanging from lamp posts, face painting booths, and Bonnie and Elena are handing out programs. They talk about Elena’s timing (or lack thereof) with Stefan. Caroline sees Damon but loses him in the crowd.

Back at the Salvatore Boarding House, Zack and Stefan are discussing Damon’s return. Stefan says Damon is there to make him miserable and Zack questions whether Elena is worth all the hassle.

At The Grill, Jeremy gives Vicki painkillers. Jeremy starts to ask her to watch the comet when Tyler interrupts them but Vicki brushes him off.

At the comet event, Elena runs into Matt. They have a cute moment as he lights Elena’s candle with his but it’s ruined when Stefan appears. Stefan apologizes for blowing her off the day before but Elena brings up Katherine, then breaks up with him? Can you break up after only two days?

Vicki sees Damon at The Grill. She recognizes him but can’t quite place where from. He attacks her after she goes to the bathroom to pop some pills.

Jeremy asks the gang if any of them have seen Vicki. Tyler calls him a stalker and a pill pusher, leading to a fight between Jeremy and Elena. Everyone else goes looking for Vicki around town. Matt runs into Stefan and let’s him know she’s missing. Matt is really sweet as he tells Stefan that even though they aren’t together, he’ll always look out for Elena.

Seriously, who needs vampires?

Stefan finally uses his super hearing in a non-creepy way and hears Damon talking to a terrified Vicki. He finds them on a rooftop overlooking town square. Damon uses his own eye tricks to make Vicki think that Stefan was the vampire that attacked her. He tries to goad Stefan into drinking her blood but it doesn’t work. Damon whispers into Vicki’s ear, muddling her memory again.

At The Grill, Matt thanks Stefan for finding Vicki “wandering around” while Caroline complains to Bonnie about the level of attention given to druggies. Stefan asks them if they have seen Elena and Bonnie gives him Elena’s phone number. When he takes the slip of paper Bonnie has a psychic vision and asks Stefan what happened to him. She tries to cover it up but she is clearly shaken.

Jenna searches Jeremy’s bedroom, looking for drugs. She talks with Elena about how she’s been screwing up in her role as stand in parent. Elena starts to give her a pep talk about fear but abruptly leaves to go take care of something.

Back at The Grill, Jeremy sees Vicki and Tyler making out, crushing his little heart. As Caroline leaves the restaurant she sees flashes of someone following her. As she reaches her car she turns around to find Damon. Heavy flirting is exchanged.

Elena visits Stefan at the Salvatore Boarding House. They go outside to watch the comet. Elena talks about writing in her diary (ugh) and tells Stefan where she hides it. They both talk about what they would write in their respective diaries (double ugh) which leads to their first kiss. These two have the weirdest foreplay ever.

Speaking of, Damon and Caroline are getting very serious with the moaning and body kisses until he suddenly vamps out and bites her neck!

Not what I’m looking for in bed.


The couple camping.


“Help I’m Alive” by Metric. A couple are attacked while camping.

“Closer To Love” by Mat Kearney. Elena helps Jenna prep for a parent-teacher conference.

“Hang You From The Heavens” by The Dead Weather. Jeremy confronts Tyler at school.

“Heavy Cross” by The Gossip. Bonnie talks about the comet; Caroline questions Elena about Stefan.

“I’m An Animal” by Neko Case. Jenna and Elena talk about guy issues; Jenna throws an apple at Jeremy.

“I Get Around” by Dragonette. Elena and Bonnie hand out programs.

“Conductor” by We Were Promised Jetpacks. Jeremy gives Vicki pills; Matt lights Elena’s candle.

“Mud” by Peaches. Jeremy asks if anyone has seen Vicki.

“Interloper” by Earlimart. Matt thanks Stefan for finding Vicki; Stefan asks Bonnie and Caroline about Elena.

“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles. Stefan and Elena kiss.


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